Our generation has led a certain kind of youth empowerment where we are here to speak our mind with thoughts that have been pounding our heads. We do not use such boring language and explain ourselves to levels that even others the same as our age group understand. We have this creative way of interpreting and giving messages to people in the form of Hip Hop and surprisingly, it has crossed all the boundaries of the earth. The young generation from every nation, no matter what culture they are into affiliate themselves with the catchy tunes and Beats that every rap and Hip Hop Productions of famous names have created. It is such a weird thing that no matter how irrelevant our relationship with one another is, we always seem to find that connection through Rap.

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Hip Hop Productions

This is Hip Hop Productions

A person in a different part of the globe has the same ideals as you do. They can relate to you in every single problem faced by him in his own surrounding and it is resonated with the creativity of Instrumentals and catchy tunes and words so purposely collaborated in order to get the match going on. Fresh faces of artists as well as veterans have ruled the world in terms of getting their songs heard and memorized with every race there possibly is out there. Each year, there will be chart toppers that many sympathize to and their sales will be off the charts making the newbies lie in millions of sales as well as veterans creating another addition to their legacy in Hip Hop.

Beats of Rap tend to be transformed and mutated with a couple of original rhythm incorporated into it. It is not only the Instrumentals that make the pieces of music binding but also the words uttered by the singer and proprietor that make it work its way to the top. From the most common interests of video games and such to propagating the name and liking to the top people and famous individuals in the country as well as the globe, many pieces of songs in this genre had made is way to the top.

A different concept of Hip Hop Productions and Music

Hip Hop Productions 2018

Experience is what makes it big for some veterans in the field of Rap. No matter what race and color, there will always be that common link to the situations present and how people handle them. Only the creative minds that have used such strong words can get other individuals to relate to how they are experiencing now. Every year, with the social media present, many listeners and avid fans vote to make their opinions and appreciation be felt with the Hip Hop industry. If you’re looking for high quality and radio ready productions click here to check me out, anyway for the players of the ever changing and ever engaging world of Hip Hop Productions, success is when a song or a name is mentioned and recognized to be on top of the list. Every word and beat, every sweat and tear is worth every dime and dollar they make with the Hip Hop hits of 2014.

Really experience matters in Hip Hop Music?

Here is a list with the (from my point of view) best Hip Hop Productions (also R&B) of 2014!

1 – Wiz Khalifa – We Dem Boyz
2 – Tinashe FT SchoolBoy Q – 2 On
3 – Nicki Minaj – Pills N Potions
4 – Jason Derulo FT Snoop Dogg – Wiggle
5 – Trey Songz – Na Na
6 – SchoolBoy Q FT BJ The Chicago Kid – Studio
7 – K Camp FT 2 Chainz – Cut her off
8 – Kid Ink FT Chris Brown – Main chick
9 – Iggy Azalea FT Charli XCX – Fancy
10 – Beyonce – Partition

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