What if we talk about Jay Z and his music?

The singer hip-hop rapper musician Jay Z is admired by many. His music it´s touching and despite the challenges and the things that he has to going through, his success is undeniable and obstacles never stop him. In this post, [...]

The Pharcyde, the sum of a group from the Hip Hop Golden Era

Every group has fans somewhere in the world. There are always people that connect with the artists and admire their talent. The Pharcyde was the sum of four different and very talented guys whose vision for doing something different was [...]

How to get better sound quality in FL Studio

Are you a producer that would like to know how to get better sound quality in FL Studio? Are you a producer that just want to improve his sound quality? Are you an experienced producer looking for secret techniques to [...]

Childish Gambino, the man behind This Is America

No doubt Childish Gambino can be literally considered a five-pointed star. Maybe, Donald Glover (his real name) didn’t plan to shine the way he does, but there’s no looking back for this talented star. He has enjoyed undeniable success as [...]