Skepta, The MC Grime Winner

Maybe some years ago, no one had a clue about who Skepta was. Now, very well-known and even admired by other singers who have expressed their deep respect. In September 2016, he definitely rose to international fame thanks to his [...]

Cosas que NO debes hacer si eres beatmaker

Sí, así es, igual que siempre han habido iluminaos empeñados en decirte como TIENES que hacer las cosas, a quién debes respetar, como tienes que sonar y básicamente hasta con quien tienes que llevarte bien porque es 100% necesario. Aún [...]

Jay Z: Brief history about a HipHop icon

If you have been a little time in this world called Rap, you would have known Jay Z even before me! Shawn Corey Carter or more known as Jay Z is a rapper who has a long musical career. Not [...]

RiFF RaFF: My thoughts and points of view

An American rapper named as Horst Christian Simco or more known as RiFF RAFF. Since 2001, RiFF RaFF has made our ears beat with his music, he is (or was, idk) part of the rap group called Three Loco. But [...]

Special Effects by Tech N9ne (Review & Download)

One trending CD of the rapper called Tech N9ne has been released this year. The CD’s name is Special Effects. It’s the fifteenth album of this Mc. It is very common when you do a review of a CD make [...]

Wiz Khalifa success history, facts and more

Cameron Jibril Thomaz more known as Wiz Khalifa has become one of the most famous Mcs right now. Since 2006, Wiz Khalifa has pleased us with his voice. The first album called Show and Prove made him sign with Warner [...]

T-Pain – RevolveR (Review + Full Album)

RevolveЯ is the fourth album that T-Pain has published in his musical career on December 6, 2011. If you think that T-Pain has not any feeling or a minimum intelligence, you will be surprised. The name, as this Mc said, [...]

Young Jeezy – Gangsta Party

Another young Mc like Drake, has published one mixtape before making public his new CD. I am talking about Young Jeezy. Everyone has been very surprised and they have a good opinion of this CD. The question is that this [...]