Black music covers a lot under the heavy name, literally. HipHop, blues, boogie woogie, rock & roll, soul, jazz, and many other forms of music were developed by mainly black people in the nineties. But the origins were strictly different, the origin of the black music lies in the era of slavery that characterised the livelihood of maximum black American people before the American Civil War. In the late 19th Century, European style of music was blended with the black style to form modern black music by so many different artists and producers, in also many different styles.

If you are interested in the history of the development of black music and its producers, let us take you through an interesting timeline, but please note that I’m not talking about HipHop mainly.

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A timeline portraying the history

Michael Jackson A Brief History About Black Music

The late 18th Century witnessed the rise of folk spirituals among Southern slaves. The slaves converted to Christianity but reinterpreted the traditions of the latter according to Black-American cultural traits. They sang the spirituals in plantation fields, more often in groups. The inclusion of Black Americans into the main arena of American music began in the 19th Century. Instrumental music became famous, and music producers like Stephen Foster used banjo and other instruments in their music. Some important artists of this period include Morris Hill and Jack Delaney.

In the 20th Century, black music reached greater heights with their representation in Broadway theatres. The first recording of a black music producer was in 1901, and it involved Bert Williams and George Walker. Blues and jazz dominated early 20th century black music, giving way to bebop of Charlie Parker or free jazz of Ornette Coleman in the mid 20th century. The latter half of the 20th century witnessed the rise of eminent black music producers, ranging from Smokey Robinson to Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder to Lionel Ritchie, Prince to Tina Turner.

Thus, living in an era where black music has its own language, own beats, and own manifestations, the history of the same seems legit to reach your cognition. Smokey Robinson is a truly great talent, and as like Smokey I don’t like the African-American term, for more information, search related websites.

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