No doubt Childish Gambino can be literally considered a five-pointed star. Maybe, Donald Glover (his real name) didn’t plan to shine the way he does, but there’s no looking back for this talented star. He has enjoyed undeniable success as an actor, writer, producer and a singer. But most of all, he became a way to inspire personal reflection with his last hit song. People who care are the ones who can inspire others.

Under the name Childish Gambino

Although Donald McKinley Glover Jr. is a very well-known artist who performs under the name Childish Gambino, he keeps his life highly private. Apart from being such a successful star, what people know about him is that he’s happy with his girlfriend and both have been blessed with two kids.

This prominent man was born 34 years ago in California and was raised in Stone Mountain in Georgia. Since his childhood, he felt attraction for the world of Arts. In fact, being very young he graduated from Tisch School of the Arts and got his degree in Dramatic Writing.

This definitely encouraged him to send some writing samples to Miner and Tina Fey who were impressed by his work. From then on, he started showing the world how multifaceted he is and all the abilities he has.

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A multifaceted star

Childish Gambino Announcing Tour Across United States
In the world of entertainment, the only thing you need sometimes is an opportunity. He asked for it and Tina Fey gave it to him. At the age of 23, he officially became a writer for the award-winning NBC comedy 30 Rock. From this moment till his last performance at the 2018 Grammys, he’s shown it’s not a misguided fantasy to say that Donald Glover has mastered the balance between actor, writer and singer with total success.

At the Grammys, Childish Gambino teamed up with his charismatic young co-star of his next project “Lion King” captivating the audience. Impossible not to consider him one of the most pivotal stars at the moment with his success on the big screen, TV and hit songs. Not to mention his popularity has just increased dramatically thanks to his impressive viral video of the song “This is America”.

A provocative new video?

This Is America Article Banner Instrumental
Well, people still have no agreement for an adjective to describe this video. Disturbing? Reflective? Provocative? Since the very moment you see the video, the effect is so strong that you can’t forget it easily and keep thinking about it for quite a while. As a hip hop singer, producer and actor, Childish Gambino created a masterpiece of art, surrealism and immediate reflection about black lives.

Case closed? Not exactly, not even close. Opinions are quite divided. While some people call it “brilliant” and “genius”, others have been critical of the video. If it is kind of protest against police or not, what it’s clear is that it’s a reference to black lives and the violence going on in America.

From “We just wanna party” at the beginning till “This is America”, the video makes you have an enigmatic feeling that gets your complete attention. The hit “This is America” and the way how its video has dominated the internet will always be an achievement to highlight in his career.

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