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King Kong instrumental     King Kong Hard Dark Gangster Creepy Dark Gangsta Trap
hard dark gangster trap type beat download King Kong Surce BeatsClick here to downloadKing KongMultiple Options
Beat Description: A hard-hitting, dark gangster trap beat that commands dominance and unleashes raw power. Bow down to the king of the streets
Insidious instrumental     Insidious Gangster Hard Creepy Dark Spooky Trap
hard gangster trap type beat Insidious Surce BeatsClick here to downloadInsidiousMultiple Options
Beat Description: Experience the chilling intensity of "Insidious," a hard-hitting, dark hip hop beat that unleashes bloody soundscapes and haunting sounds.
NWO instrumental     NWO Dark Type Beat Creepy Dark Spooky Trap
nwo type beat NWO Surce BeatsClick here to downloadNWOMultiple Options
Beat Description: NWO: A hauntingly captivating dark trap beat that lures you into an abyss of mesmerizing melodies and spine-chilling rhythms.
Tales From The Crypt instrumental     Tales From The Crypt Creepy Scary Creepy Dark Spooky Trap
Creepy Scary Trap Beat Tales From The Crypt Tales From The Crypt Surce BeatsClick here to downloadTales From The CryptMultiple Options
Beat Description: Is that creepy enough? If you like dark and scary music then you should hop on this amazing scary trap beat. Perfect for a gangster song.
Night Visitors instrumental     Night Visitors Creepy Creepy Dark Spooky Trap
Creepy Dark Trap Type Beat Free Download 2022 Night Visitors Surce BeatsClick here to downloadNight VisitorsMultiple Options
Beat Description: Booooo! It's a ghost? What is it? If you're looking for a creepy, dark and obscure instrumental you're the lucky one today! Free download!
Los Cheles instrumental     Los Cheles Offset X Quavo 808 Mafia Creepy Dark Dirty South
Money Trap Beat Los Cheles Surce BeatsClick here to downloadLos ChelesMultiple Options
Beat Description: Get and download this amazing Offset X Quavo dark type beat now! Are you looking for that shiny Migos sound? We got it, PERIOD!
Cursed instrumental     Cursed Evil Creepy Dark Filthy Trap
dark evil type beat Cursed Surce BeatsClick here to downloadCursedMultiple Options
Beat Description: Download this dark and Evil trap type beat. If you're looking for evil and dark beats for your upcoming mixtape you're on the right place.
Warlock instrumental     Warlock Hardcore Club Creepy Hardcore Spooky
hardcore trap type beat Warlock Surce BeatsClick here to downloadWarlockMultiple Options
Beat Description: Hardcore trap is somehow just regular trap with hard drums and crunchy 808s. If that's the sound you're looking for then we're to help.
Bone Burger instrumental     Bone Burger Free Dark Creepy Dark Hardcore Trap
bone burger dark trap instrumental Bone Burger Surce BeatsClick here to downloadBone BurgerMultiple Options
Beat Description: Free download this awesome dark and creepy trap instrumental. Hardcore goosebumps, nasty 808s and the punchier kick you've ever heard!
Nosferatu instrumental     Nosferatu Hardcore Trap Creepy Dark Spooky Trap
hard dark trap beat hardcore trap instrumental Nosferatu Surce BeatsClick here to downloadNosferatuMultiple Options
Beat Description: Hardcore Trap beats are good enough to know and good to go too. Whatever you want to make a beef, diss or egotrip track they're good for it.
Cult instrumental     Cult Super Dark Creepy Dark Spooky Trap
Super Dark Trap Type Beat Cult Cult Surce BeatsClick here to downloadCultMultiple Options
Beat Description: This is the darkest and most horrifying trap beat you've ever heard, period. This super dark instrumental will blow away your own.
The Watcher instrumental     The Watcher Dark Trap Creepy Dark Spooky Trap
the watcher dark trap beat illuminati The Watcher Surce BeatsClick here to downloadThe WatcherMultiple Options
Beat Description: What's this? Booooo! Not scarier enough, but this scary trap beat it does. Click here and download this awesome scary trap type beat.
Witch-Hunt instrumental     Witch-Hunt Gangster Creepy Dark Gangsta Trap
Gangster Hard 808 Instrumental Witch Hunt Monsters Super Breaking Bass Trap Beat Witch-Hunt Surce BeatsClick here to downloadWitch-HuntMultiple Options
Beat Description: Trap music and its beats and instrumentals is made by or for gangsters and those affected by this scene. The rise of Trap music and beats was the thing.
D I R T instrumental     D I R T Evil Trap Aggresive Creepy Dirty South Trap
Evil Dark Trap Beat Instrumental Creepy Music Create Dark Songs D I R T Surce BeatsClick here to downloadD I R TMultiple Options
Beat Description: Evil, creepy and dark beats inspires to create, that's a fact. The beauty of them is that they help to create completely different songs than common music.
Valaak instrumental     Valaak Bexey Creepy Dark Free Beats Trap
Bexey Evil Trap Type Beat Instrumental Download Evil Beats Valaak Surce BeatsClick here to downloadValaakMultiple Options
Beat Description: Listen and Download to this Bexey Trap Instrumental Type Beat, one of the best Bexey trap type beats you'll find out on the internet. Check it out!
Skeletor instrumental     Skeletor Halloween Creepy Dark Filthy Trap
Skeletor Halloween Trap Beat to Make a Trap Song for Billboard Horrorcore Skeletor Surce BeatsClick here to downloadSkeletorMultiple Options
Beat Description: Terrify your guests! That what you should think to get into a Halloween party but... What if you want to make a Trap song for this upcoming Halloween? Huh!?
Poison instrumental     Poison Dark Fear Creepy Dark Filthy Trap
Dark Fearful Trap Beat Instrumental Download Beef Poison Surce BeatsClick here to downloadPoisonMultiple Options
Beat Description: If you're looking for a beat that inspires fear then Poison is like a perfect match. It's one of the greatest beats to make someone feel fearful.
The Sinner instrumental     The Sinner Caskey Creepy Dark Spooky Trap
Caskey Bart Simpson THe Sinner Horrorcore Dark Beat The Sinner Surce BeatsClick here to downloadThe SinnerMultiple Options
Beat Description: If you're looking for Caskey Type Beats that means that you love horrorcore trap. Click here to download this evil / dark trap instrumental for free!
Tail Cave instrumental     Tail Cave Zelda Creepy Dark Trap Videogame
zelda trap type beat instrumentals mp3 download Tail Cave Surce BeatsClick here to downloadTail CaveMultiple Options
Beat Description: Click here to download this amazing Zelda Links Awakening type beat. One of the very best nintendo trap beats out there on YouTube!
The Summoning instrumental     The Summoning Dark Trap Creepy Dark Trap Videogame
Dark-Trap-Beat-Hard-Darkness-Trap-Instrumental-The-Summoning The Summoning Surce BeatsClick here to downloadThe SummoningMultiple Options
Beat Description: The creepiest Trap beat in the internet is just a click away. The summoning is one of those Dark Trap Instrumentals that get you goosebumps.
Dibbuk instrumental     Dibbuk GHOSTEMANE Creepy Dark Hardcore Trap
Dibbuk Surce BeatsClick here to downloadDibbukMultiple Options
Beat Description: This GHOSTEMANE Type Beat is one of the darkest trap beats you'll ever heard. Its name Dibbuk has a close relation with something... Bad. Check the description below to find out what's that bad thing inside that Dark Trap Instrumental...
Ghouls N Ghosts instrumental     Ghouls N Ghosts Joyner Lucas Classic Creepy Sampled Trap
Joyner Lucas Type Beat Free Download Sampled Trap Ghouls N Ghosts Surce BeatsClick here to downloadGhouls N GhostsMultiple Options
Beat Description: Download this awesome Joyner Lucas Type Beat right now. It's a sampled trap instrumental and beat with that usual creepy mood that Joyner Lucas is used to get over that I'm sure you'll love. Kinda ghosty...
The Masquerade instrumental     The Masquerade Lil Baby X Gunna Creepy Hardcore Sampled Trap
Lil Baby X Gunna Type Beat Lil Baby Instrumental Trap The Masquerade Surce BeatsClick here to downloadThe MasqueradeMultiple Options
Beat Description: Listen to one of the best Lil Baby X Gunna Type Beats out there. Lil Baby or even Gunna would kill this really creepy and hardcore Trap Instrumental. Get back at me before it's gone!
Stranger Kids instrumental     Stranger Kids Stranger Things Creepy Dark Spooky Trap
Stranger Things Trap Beat Remake Trap Spooky Beats Stranger Kids Stranger Kids Surce BeatsClick here to downloadStranger KidsMultiple Options
Beat Description: If you love Stranger Things as much as we do then you'll literally fall in love with our Stranger Things Trap Remake. One of our best beats out there, period. There are no samples used on this beat, it was all played by ear and by scratch inspired in the original OST.
Graveyard Shift instrumental     Graveyard Shift Travis Scott Creepy Dark Spooky Trap
Travis Scott Type Beat Graveyard Shift Graveyard Shift Surce BeatsClick here to downloadGraveyard ShiftMultiple Options
Beat Description: If you're looking for a weird beat like Travis Scott is used to rap over then we got what you're looking for. This Graveyard Shift instrumental will make you feel as creepy as the beat is. I'm 100% sure that you can hear to Travis Scott along the whole beat. Grab the free download before it's gone!
Moon Rocks instrumental     Moon Rocks Lil Uzi Vert Creepy Filthy Spooky Trap
Lil Uzi Vert Type Beat Instrumental Moon Rocks Moon Rocks Surce BeatsClick here to downloadMoon RocksMultiple Options
Beat Description: You may don't know what 'Moon Rocks' are made of (or yes), but I'm sure that Lil Uzi Vert will like them both, that filthy trap beat and the Moon Rocks. This is one of the best Lil Uzi Vert Instrumental you'll ever heard out there in the internet, we got the beats, you got the cheese.
Blood N Bones instrumental     Blood N Bones Future Creepy Dark Dirty South Trap
Future Trap Instrumental Blood N Bones Blood N Bones Surce BeatsClick here to downloadBlood N BonesMultiple Options
Beat Description: That Future trap instrumental sounds like if it appeared in 'Streetz Calling' back in 2011, when Future signed with Epic Records. He told to MTV that 'Streetz Calling' would be his latest release until 'Pluto' were released but then suddenly he released 'Astronaut Status', which was a dope Future mixtape.
Pennywise instrumental     Pennywise Gucci Mane X Lil Yachty Creepy Lounge Spooky Trap
Gucci Mane Instrumental Pennywise Ok Pennywise Surce BeatsClick here to downloadPennywiseMultiple Options
Beat Description: The title of this beat has nothing to do with the original movie, and let's be honest, I didn't used the 'IT' OST to create that Gucci Mane Instrumental. Anyway for any weird reason it just reminds me about the movie.
Cryptic instrumental     Cryptic Scary Trap Creepy Dark Filthy Trap
Cryptic (SOLD) Surce Beats The most creepy and scary Trap beat is just a click away. A mysterious ambience and the darkest sounds you'll ever listen in a Trap beat.

Cryptic was exclusively sold and is no longer available
This beat is no longer available for any kind of licensing or purchase.
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Creepy beats and instrumentals could be also catalogued as Horrorcore beats, but not sounding in the same way. To make a creepy beat you have to play with horror movie OST scales and melodies to make it scary. Personally I love to make that kind of beats, a lot of those beats would fit perfectly with $uicideboy$, GHOSTEMANE, etc…