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The Butcher instrumental     The Butcher Murder Dark Dark Hardcore Spooky Trap
the butcher murder hard dark type beat download 2023 The Butcher Surce BeatsClick here to downloadThe ButcherMultiple Options
Beat Description: Unleash the chilling chaos, entwined with sinister beats, as The Butcher carves its way through the shadows of your soul.
l33t instrumental     l33t Dubstep and Trap Dubstep Electronic Hardcore Trap
rap dubstep type beat download l33t Surce BeatsClick here to downloadl33tMultiple Options
Beat Description: Experience the chilling fusion of dark dubstep and rap in this impeccably crafted beat, available for free download now!
Drowning instrumental     Drowning Dark Trap Dark Hardcore Spooky Trap
dark trap type beat instrumental Drowning Surce BeatsClick here to downloadDrowningMultiple Options
Beat Description: Dark beats are good to go but, what if you go the darkest way? With this dark beefy trap beat we're sure you'll make one of the greatest songs
Doomed instrumental     Doomed Dark Trap Dark Hardcore Spooky Trap
Dark Trap Beat Doomed Surce BeatsClick here to downloadDoomedMultiple Options
Beat Description: Are you feeling the goosebumps? It's because of the dark melody of this shiny dark trap beat. Grab the free download and make a track yo!
Hide Away instrumental     Hide Away Slow Trap Dark Hardcore Slow Trap
Dark Slow Trap Type Beat Free Download Hide Away Surce BeatsClick here to downloadHide AwayMultiple Options
Beat Description: Definitely this dark and slow trap instrumental will make your album sound as it should. Grab the free download and make a dope song!
Hold Up instrumental     Hold Up
(With Hook)
Comethazine Hardcore Slow Trap With Hooks
Slow Trap Type Beat With Hook Hardcore Trap Beat Instrumental Download Hold Up Surce BeatsClick here to downloadHold UpMultiple Options
Beat Description: If you're looking for slow trap beats then take a listen to this hard-knocking instrumental. The hook is just... Insane... Free download!
The Overlord instrumental     The Overlord Gangster Dark Gangsta Hardcore Trap
Dark Monster Hardcore Type Beat The Overlord Surce BeatsClick here to downloadThe OverlordMultiple Options
Beat Description: This hard gangster trap beat will be the best instrumental if you're looking for tough beats for hard trap songs. Free download below!
Bad Boy instrumental     Bad Boy Lamborghini Filthy Hardcore Lounge Trap
Lamborghini Type Beat Bad Boy Surce BeatsClick here to downloadBad BoyMultiple Options
Beat Description: Feel the speed like if you were in a Need For Speed with this awesome trap beat. One of the greatest trap instrumentals all over the internet!
4 Real instrumental     4 Real Hard Melodic Chill Hardcore Melodic Trap
Hard Melodic Trap Type Beat 4 Real Surce BeatsClick here to download4 RealMultiple Options
Beat Description: It's getting harder to find both melodic and hard beats lately, what if we mix the moods? We get this amazing 4 Real melodic instrumental.
Warlock instrumental     Warlock Hardcore Club Creepy Hardcore Spooky
hardcore trap type beat Warlock Surce BeatsClick here to downloadWarlockMultiple Options
Beat Description: Hardcore trap is somehow just regular trap with hard drums and crunchy 808s. If that's the sound you're looking for then we're to help.
I Like instrumental     I Like
(With Hook)
Dubstep Electronic Dubstep Electronic Hardcore With Hooks
dubstep beat pop instrumental I Like Surce BeatsClick here to downloadI LikeMultiple Options
Beat Description: Such an awesome Dubstep instrumental, electronic vibes merged with some EDM moods. If you're looking for Dubstep type beats then say no more.
Bone Burger instrumental     Bone Burger Free Dark Creepy Dark Hardcore Trap
bone burger dark trap instrumental Bone Burger Surce BeatsClick here to downloadBone BurgerMultiple Options
Beat Description: Free download this awesome dark and creepy trap instrumental. Hardcore goosebumps, nasty 808s and the punchier kick you've ever heard!
Greedy Bih instrumental     Greedy Bih
Ft. B-Rack Beats
NLE Choppa Aggresive Hardcore Piano Trap
nle choppa type beat piano trap beat Greedy Bih Surce BeatsClick here to downloadGreedy BihMultiple Options
Beat Description: The rapper of the piano beats! Such a weird way to get known but if it works it's good. Looking for piano trap beats? Click here!
Crisp instrumental     Crisp EDM Dubstep Bass Music Dubstep Electronic Hardcore
edm dubstep hip hop beat electronic Crisp Surce BeatsClick here to downloadCrispMultiple Options
Beat Description: Get this awesome and hard knocking edm dubstep rap beat. Such a proper mix of different genres to rap over, try it out if you good enough!
The Owls instrumental     The Owls Club Type Beat Arabic Club Hardcore Trap
The Owls Surce BeatsClick here to downloadThe OwlsMultiple Options
Beat Description: Listen to this club trap beat with an arabic feeling on the melodies. With hard 808s and knocking drums which will throw down the building!
Splatterhouse instrumental     Splatterhouse Horror Dark Hardcore Spooky Trap
Splatterhouse Splatterhouse Surce BeatsClick here to downloadSplatterhouseMultiple Options
Beat Description: It's a nightmare? Download this horror type beat with a dark atmosphere to spit some verses over it. Real trap sound design inside, download!
Cuttroath instrumental     Cuttroath GHOSTEMANE Dark Hardcore Trap
cuttroath ghostmane trap beat Cuttroath Surce BeatsClick here to downloadCuttroathMultiple Options
Beat Description: Ghostemane is one of the biggest horrorcore trap artists. If you like trap metal, emo trap or horrorcore trap download this trap beat.
Drip instrumental     Drip Club Trap Beat Aggresive Bouncy Hardcore Trap
Club Trap Type Beat Club Instrumental - Clubbing Club Trap Beats - Drip Drip Surce BeatsClick here to downloadDripMultiple Options
Beat Description: Club Trap Music is the top Brand in Trap, and Club Trap, We are a family of producers who love to get your party started and get your freak on!
Church instrumental     Church Club Trap Club Hardcore Sad Trap
Church Club Trap Beat Instrumental Type Beat MP3 Download Church Surce BeatsClick here to downloadChurchMultiple Options
Beat Description: This is another awesome club trap instrumental that was made in the Arcade Wave basement. Click here to download this awesome club trap beat.
Narco instrumental     Narco Narco Free Beats Hardcore Trap Trendy
Narco Trap Beat Instrumental Pablo Escobar Inpired Trap Beats Narco Surce BeatsClick here to downloadNarcoMultiple Options
Beat Description: Pablo Escobar inspired a lot of people all around the world to make TV series and even documentaries about him. Why not a trap beat or instrumental?
Cementerio Lleno instrumental     Cementerio Lleno Freestyle Electronic Free Beats Hardcore Hip Hop
Cementerio Lleno Instrumental FMS Force VS Errece Batallas de Gallos Freestyle Cementerio Lleno Surce BeatsClick here to downloadCementerio LlenoMultiple Options
Beat Description: One of the greatest freestyle hip hop beats you've ever heard. Used in the FMS, one of the greatest freestyle competitions, in a battle of Force vs Errece.
PWNED instrumental     PWNED
Ft. Fat Kingdom
Migos 808 Mafia Free Beats Gangsta Hardcore
Trap Instrumental Hackerman PWNED PWNED Surce BeatsClick here to downloadPWNEDMultiple Options
Beat Description: Have you ever pwned yourself? Download this trendy Migos x Lil Boneeato trap type beat and make one of the greatest tracks of your whole career1
Prosecutor instrumental     Prosecutor Lil Baby Dark Gangsta Hardcore Trap
Lil Baby Type Beat Gangster Trap Instrumental 2020 Prosecutor Surce BeatsClick here to downloadProsecutorMultiple Options
Beat Description: Download this amazing Lil Baby Type Beat, one of the hardest beats in the Lil Baby's style. Grab the free download of this trap beat in MP3 while it lasts.
Made of Steel instrumental     Made of Steel
(With Hook)
Heavy Metal Experimental Hardcore Rock Trap
Made of Steel is a Trap Beat mixed with Heavy Metal and Electric Guitars for Rock Songs Made of Steel Surce BeatsClick here to downloadMade of SteelMultiple Options
Beat Description: We've managed to mix and merge Heavy Metal with Trap Music properly. Download this dope rock trap beat to make your audience get mad at your gigs! Rockish!
Samurai instrumental     Samurai KOHH Aggresive Filthy Hardcore Trap
Samuai Japanese Trap Beat Instrumental Type Beats Asian MP3 Download Samurai Surce BeatsClick here to downloadSamuraiMultiple Options
Beat Description: If you like the type of beats that Japanese rapper Chiba (KOHH) use in their tracks you'll love this Samurai beat. It's a japanese beat with dark vibes.
Type Beat UWU instrumental     Type Beat UWU Hard Trap Hardcore Sampled Trap Trendy
Type Beat UWU La Real Mofada Type Beat UWU Surce BeatsClick here to downloadType Beat UWUMultiple Options
Beat Description: Type Beat UWU is supposed to be a joke and a part time laugh, because UWU doesn't mean anything really. It's just another way to say that you happy or :3.
Centipedes instrumental     Centipedes Dubstep Dubstep Electronic Hardcore Trap
Centipedes Dubstep Instrumental Download Centipedes Surce BeatsClick here to downloadCentipedesMultiple Options
Beat Description: Download this awesome Dubstep instrumental beat for the low and get your gaming videos sounding properly with thist beat as the intro!
Transylvania instrumental     Transylvania Hip Hop Dubstep Dubstep Electronic Hardcore Hip Hop
Dubstep Hip Hop Beat Nosferatu Transylvania Transylvania Surce BeatsClick here to downloadTransylvaniaMultiple Options
Beat Description: This awesome mid 2000's Hip Hop Instrumental is mixed with Dubstep song elements to make it that contundent, take a listen and let me know what you think!
Yakuza instrumental     Yakuza Japanese Bouncy Dark Hardcore Trap
Japanese Asian Beat Instrumental Yakuza Surce BeatsClick here to downloadYakuzaMultiple Options
Beat Description: If you like Japanese Type Beats then you'll fall in love with this instrumental. It has that Asian mood that everyone's loving. No samples.
Aladdin instrumental     Aladdin Arab Trap Bouncy Club Hardcore Trap
Aladdin Arab Trap Instrumental Download Aladdin Surce BeatsClick here to downloadAladdinMultiple Options
Beat Description: If you're looking for trap beats with an arabic mood definitely you should listen to this Aladdin beat. One of the best beats in the Arab trap genre.
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Notorious B.I.G., DMX, Ghostface Killah, Vinnie Paz, La Coka Nostra, Ill Bill, Block McCloud, they’re a good definition of what Hardcore Hip Hop is, was and will be. If you like the beats that any of the artists mentioned below used then I’m sure you’ll like all the following Hardcore Beats and Instrumentals.