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Bread N Butter instrumental     Bread N Butter Boombap Boombap Hip Hop Nineties Old School
boombap type beat Bread N Butter Surce BeatsClick here to downloadBread N ButterMultiple Options
Beat Description: Get ready to groove with "Bread & Butter," my fresh boombap beat that'll make you wanna cheese your bread and butter.
Kingsize instrumental     Kingsize Boom Bap Hip Hop Nineties Nostalgic Rap
Boom Bap Old School Type Beat nineties Kingsize Surce BeatsClick here to downloadKingsizeMultiple Options
Beat Description: Check out my brand new old school boom bap hip hop beat, featuring a raw and authentic sound that'll transport you to the golden era.
Ghosts instrumental     Ghosts Dubstep Dubstep Electronic Glitch-Hop Hip Hop
Dubstep Rap Hip Hop Beat Download Ghosts Surce BeatsClick here to downloadGhostsMultiple Options
Beat Description: This dubstep hip hop beat may have the best sound selection and design ever. Half Hip Hop, half Dubstep and electronic, check it out!
Giygas instrumental     Giygas Dubstep Dubstep Electronic Hip Hop Rap
Electronic Dubstep Rap Type Beat Giygas Surce BeatsClick here to downloadGiygasMultiple Options
Beat Description: Dubstep rap was a super trend when Skrillex was in the crest of his career. Tons of rappers started using dubstep beats to make rap so...
Sneaking Up instrumental     Sneaking Up Nineties Boom Bap Boombap Hip Hop Old School Rap
Boom Bap Old School Type Beat Sneaking Up Surce BeatsClick here to downloadSneaking UpMultiple Options
Beat Description: You start moving your head back and forth, that's how you know it's Boom Bap rap. If you're looking for the nineties sound go get it here.
Creepypasta instrumental     Creepypasta
(With Hook)
Dark Pop Dark Electronic Hip Hop Pop
Dark Pop Type Beat Instrumental Creepypasta Surce BeatsClick here to downloadCreepypastaMultiple Options
Beat Description: Pop music is essential for nowadays trends. Trends are constantly moving so that's why we listening today that kind of genre merging.
Psycho instrumental     Psycho Dark Hip Hop Aggresive Dark Free Beats Hip Hop
dark hip hop beat instrumental download mp3 Psycho Surce BeatsClick here to downloadPsychoMultiple Options
Beat Description: If you're looking for rap dark beats then the more strident sounds the better. This instrumental fits perfectly with the most insane lyrics.
Peekaboo instrumental     Peekaboo
(With Hook)
Disco Funk Disco Funk Hip Hop Pop
Peekaboo Disco Funk Bruno Mars Type Beat Peekaboo Surce BeatsClick here to downloadPeekabooMultiple Options
Beat Description: You looking for some high quality disco funk instrumentals? Say no mo! You're at the right place! Grab this Uptown Funk Bruno mars Type Beat
Raw instrumental     Raw Boom Bap Boombap Classic Hip Hop Old School
Boombap Beat Old School Instrumental Download Raw Surce BeatsClick here to downloadRawMultiple Options
Beat Description: Download this classic Boom Bap Rap Type Beat, a jewel into the hip hop classics! Raw sound as the title says and crispy basslines! Straight!
Geek Love instrumental     Geek Love Dubstep Hip Hop Dubstep Electronic Hip Hop Love
geek love dubstep hip hop instrumental Geek Love Surce BeatsClick here to downloadGeek LoveMultiple Options
Beat Description: This is a mix of a perfectly blended love hip hop instrumental with an edm dubstep song. It's perfect for live shows where people wouldn't expect the end.
Cementerio Lleno instrumental     Cementerio Lleno Freestyle Electronic Free Beats Hardcore Hip Hop
Cementerio Lleno Instrumental FMS Force VS Errece Batallas de Gallos Freestyle Cementerio Lleno Surce BeatsClick here to downloadCementerio LlenoMultiple Options
Beat Description: One of the greatest freestyle hip hop beats you've ever heard. Used in the FMS, one of the greatest freestyle competitions, in a battle of Force vs Errece.
Not Sick Anymore instrumental     Not Sick Anymore Lo-Fi Hip Hop Free Beats Hip Hop Lo-Fi Nineties
Lo Fi Hip Hop Instrumental Download MP3 Not Sick Anymore Surce BeatsClick here to downloadNot Sick AnymoreMultiple Options
Beat Description: Lo-Fi is all about jazz samples and a few vintage synths equalized in the direction of the past. Grab this Lo-Fi Hip Hop Instrumental for free now!
Bus Station instrumental     Bus Station Old School Instrumental Boombap Hip Hop Nineties Old School
Old School Hip Hop Rap Beat 2020 Bus Station Surce BeatsClick here to downloadBus StationMultiple Options
Beat Description: Listen and download to this amazing Old School instrumental. Pretty similar to the sound of the nineties but straight in 2020. Grab your free download!
Transylvania instrumental     Transylvania Hip Hop Dubstep Dubstep Electronic Hardcore Hip Hop
Dubstep Hip Hop Beat Nosferatu Transylvania Transylvania Surce BeatsClick here to downloadTransylvaniaMultiple Options
Beat Description: This awesome mid 2000's Hip Hop Instrumental is mixed with Dubstep song elements to make it that contundent, take a listen and let me know what you think!
Happy AF instrumental     Happy AF J Dilla Boombap Hip Hop Nineties Old School
J Dilla Type Beat Dilla Boom Bap Instrumental Happy AF Happy AF Surce BeatsClick here to downloadHappy AFMultiple Options
Beat Description: Hold on a second. That's a boom bap jewel inspired by J Dilla. This Jay Dee old school instrumental may be the best nineties beat out there.
The Trend instrumental     The Trend Dark Beats Dark Hardcore Hip Hop Trap
Dark Beats And Instrumentals Hip Hop Trap The Trend Surce BeatsClick here to downloadThe TrendMultiple Options
Beat Description: Looking for Dark beats and Instrumentals? Here you'll find tons of beats and free downloads with the darkest and creepy sounds out there.
Supreme instrumental     Supreme Anthem Trap Anthem Hardcore Hip Hop Trap
Anthem Trap Type Beat Trap Instrumental Supreme Bart Simpson Supreme Surce BeatsClick here to downloadSupremeMultiple Options
Beat Description: Listen to this anthem trap beat and remember the good times when DJ Khaled were used to work along with The Runners in just... ANTHEMS!
The Woods instrumental     The Woods Boombap Instrumental Boombap Classic Hip Hop Nineties
Boombap Beats Nineties Old School The Woods Instrumental Download The Woods Surce BeatsClick here to downloadThe WoodsMultiple Options
Beat Description: Nowadays it's hard to find Boombap beats, with that raw Boombap sound. If you like strictly RAW stuff then this instrumental is perfect.
Team Air instrumental     Team Air DJ Khaled Anthem Anthem Dirty South Hip Hop Trap
DJ Khaled Anthem Type Beat The Runners Type Beat Birdman Team Air Team Air Surce BeatsClick here to downloadTeam AirMultiple Options
Beat Description: Listen to this awesome DJ Khaled Anthem Type Beat that could've been produced by The Runners producers team and used by Birdman. That's a brand new beat, but with that old Trap and Dirty South vibe that everyone loved back in 2012 / 2013.
Gemkeepers instrumental     Gemkeepers 2000's Hip Hop Beat Classic Electronic Hip Hop Old School
Gemkeepers Surce BeatsClick here to downloadGemkeepersMultiple Options
Beat Description: If you like real Hip Hop then listen to this early 2000s Hip Hop Instrumental. The best 2000's sound is reflected on that 2000 Hip Hop Beat.
Bassgod instrumental     Bassgod Dark Electronic Rap Bass Music Electronic Hardcore Hip Hop
Dark Electronic Rap Type Beat Dark Hip Hop Beats Bassgod Bassgod Surce BeatsClick here to downloadBassgodMultiple Options
Beat Description: Listen carefully to the bass of this Dark Electronic Rap Type Beat, I'm sure that's the filthiest bass you'll ever hear in a EDM dark rap instrumetal. Spooky mood advised.
The Crowd instrumental     The Crowd Ill Bill Classic Hardcore Hip Hop Videogame
The Crowd FMS Instrumental The Crowd Surce BeatsClick here to downloadThe CrowdMultiple Options
Beat Description: Get back to the 2000s Hip Hop Music with this Ill Bill Hip Hop Type Beat. One of the best Ill Bill rap instrumentals I've ever made, period. This beat is one of the FMS beats so grab the free download before I change my mind!
Creepers Gonna Creep instrumental     Creepers Gonna Creep Minecraft 8BIT Experimental Hip Hop Videogame
Minecraft Song Creepers Gonna Creep Creepers Gonna Creep Surce BeatsClick here to downloadCreepers Gonna CreepMultiple Options
Beat Description: Tssss... Tssss... Chschs... Boom! They're kinda... Destructive. Creepers are an adorable character of Minecraft. Enjoy this Minecraft Song that was made inspired by the Minecraft game and all his characters and don't forget to grab the free download before it's gone!
Primma Donna instrumental     Primma Donna Videogame 8BIT Chiptune Hardcore Hip Hop
Primma Donna Surce BeatsClick here to downloadPrimma DonnaMultiple Options
Beat Description: One of the best Videogame Type Beat and Videogame Music out there! Similar to some SEGA Genesis soundtracks and OSTs. Grab the free download!
Not The Same instrumental     Not The Same Rock Instrumental Classic Hip Hop Piano Rock
Rock Instrumental Not The Same Not The Same Surce BeatsClick here to downloadNot The SameMultiple Options
Beat Description: Pay attention to the live electric guitars of this Rock instrumental. Smooth and happy vibes and melodies. Perfect to listen while you smoke some joints.
Apple Jacks instrumental     Apple Jacks Kendrick Lamar Gangsta Hip Hop Sampled Trap
Kendrick Lamar Type Beat Apple Jacks Apple Jacks Surce BeatsClick here to downloadApple JacksMultiple Options
Beat Description: Kendrick would kill this one. Sampled joint with the toughest 808s of the country, ask for it to your usual drugdealer in the streetcorner.
Mongrel instrumental     Mongrel 2Pac 8BIT Hip Hop Old School Videogame
Mongrel Surce BeatsClick here to downloadMongrelMultiple Options
Beat Description: Have you ever wondered how will sound the nineties 2Pac instrumental style mixed with 8bit music / chiptune music? Well, the experiment has been completed successfully.
Manteca instrumental     Manteca Vinnie Paz X Jedi Mind Tricks 8BIT Electronic Hardcore Hip Hop
Vinnie Paz Instrumental Manteca Manteca Surce BeatsClick here to downloadMantecaMultiple Options
Beat Description: Do you know what MANTECA means? Butter, pure fat, at least that is what it means in spanish. It's hardcore hiphop. Enjoy the manteca below. Vinnie Paz approved.
Love & Pain instrumental     Love & Pain
Ft. Shine Beats
Mayne & Cassie Hip Hop Love R&B Smooth
Love And Pain Love Song Instrumental Type Beat Love & Pain Surce BeatsClick here to downloadLove & PainMultiple Options
Beat Description: Smooth and Lovely instrumental with live electric guitars. Perfect for a love song. This romantic hiphop instrumental has hard drums and not sampled piano solos. Enjoy the free download bruh! Featuring Shine Beats.
Tekkit instrumental     Tekkit Dubstep Rap Instrumental Bass Music Dubstep Electronic Hip Hop
Tekkit (SOLD) Surce Beats So I guess you like Hip Hop, Rap and Dubstep... Then here's the perfect beat instrumental for that dubstep track you've been thinking about.

Tekkit was exclusively sold and is no longer available
This beat is no longer available for any kind of licensing or purchase.
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You know what? I think there’s no need to explain what Hip Hop is, not to mention what Hip Hop beats are. But just in case, Hip Hop is the building and Hip Hop Beats are the foundations of the Hip Hop music. Artists such as Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Jay-Z and whole lot more know what I’m talking about, listen and enjoy below.