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Kawaii instrumental     Kawaii Lil Yachty Chiptune Happy Hyperpop Trap
Kawaii Surce BeatsClick here to downloadKawaiiMultiple Options
Beat Description: Get this beat today! Lil Yachty's signature sound is defined by his use of playful and unconventional beats that draw from various genres
When We Were Young instrumental     When We Were Young Nostalgic Hyperpop Happy Hyperpop Nostalgic Trap
Nostalgic Hyperpop Happy Type Beat When We Were Young Surce BeatsClick here to downloadWhen We Were YoungMultiple Options
Beat Description: If we talking about Hyperpop we talking about happy melodies made with synths. Get back to your childhood arcades downloading this beat!
Peanut Butter instrumental     Peanut Butter Happy Trap Happy Hyperpop Trap Trendy
Happy Trap Type Beat Peanut Butter Surce BeatsClick here to downloadPeanut ButterMultiple Options
Beat Description: If you're looking to download the happiest trap music beats on the internet you're in the right place. Hyperpop mood, happy melodies, yo!
Retrolife instrumental     Retrolife Hyperpop 8BIT Hyperpop Trap Videogame
Videogame TYpe Beat Retrolife Surce BeatsClick here to downloadRetrolifeMultiple Options
Beat Description: If you're looking for the new wave of hyperpop trap beats then you're in the right place. We've been making them before they were named this.
Pixels instrumental     Pixels Hyperpop 8BIT Hyperpop Trap Videogame
Pixels Surce BeatsClick here to downloadPixelsMultiple Options
Beat Description: Get this awesome Lil Uzi Vert Hyperpop Type Beat. Hyper Pop is on the trend this year so don't miss the oppotunity to create a Hyperpop song!
Oddyssey instrumental     Oddyssey Sad Trap Hyperpop Sad Trap Videogame
Oddyssey Surce BeatsClick here to downloadOddysseyMultiple Options
Beat Description: Free download this awesome sad trap beat! Use it to create your own mixtape or album! Free download are only for non-profit purposes
Neva Let Me Go instrumental     Neva Let Me Go
(With Hook)
Sad Trap Beat Hyperpop Sad Trap With Hooks
Sad Trap Beat With Hook Neva Let Me Go Surce BeatsClick here to downloadNeva Let Me GoMultiple Options
Beat Description: Download this awesome sad trap beat instrumental with hook. It does have an stunning vocal hook which works perfectly with a sad trap beats.
Kirby instrumental     Kirby Hyperpop Happy Hyperpop Trap
happy trpa beat hyperpop Kirby Surce BeatsClick here to downloadKirbyMultiple Options
Beat Description: Have you heard about Hyperpop? Do you like Hyperpop beats? Then we're sure you'll fall in love with this Hyperpop Trap Beat!
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▷ Free Hyperpop Instrumentals Type Beats (Free Download)

Hyperpop is POP music pushed to the limit. With highly distorted basses and voices sometimes sounding even louder than they should. We have a variety of Hyperpop Beats and Trap Beats so get to here to listen to the best Hyperpop beats out there.