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Hopefully instrumental     Hopefully Chill Trap Chill Romantic Smooth Trap
Chill Trap Type Beat Download Free Instrumental Chill Relax Hopefully Surce BeatsClick here to downloadHopefullyMultiple Options
Beat Description: Chill trap beats are amazing, they're smooth, soft, and kind of romantic sometimes. Stop searching and get this free download beat today!
Leeloo instrumental     Leeloo Romantic Love Love Romantic Smooth Trap
Romantic Love Trap Type Beat Hip Hop Instrumental Leeloo Surce BeatsClick here to downloadLeelooMultiple Options
Beat Description: Romantic beats are obviously needed for love songs. When you're in love you strictly need something which inspires you, like romantic music.
Sadwave instrumental     Sadwave Sad Love Chill Love Smooth Trap
Sad Type Beat Love Song Sadwave Surce BeatsClick here to downloadSadwaveMultiple Options
Beat Description: It's a Love Type Beat! Love sometimes can be a really sad experience and as usual it's an emotion that's the most reflected one on music.
New York instrumental     New York Lo-Fi Trap Beat Boombap Lo-Fi Smooth Trap
New York City Image Lo-Fi Trap Instrumental New York Surce BeatsClick here to downloadNew YorkMultiple Options
Beat Description: This Boom Trap Type Beat is probably one of the best Lo-Fi Trap Instrumentals you'll ever heard, period. Old school mood, fresh sound, 10/10.
Molly instrumental     Molly
Ft. PrettyLoco
Love Song Love R&B Smooth Trap
kawaii love trap instrumental smooth Molly Surce BeatsClick here to downloadMollyMultiple Options
Beat Description: Download this awesome love song trap type beat instrumental. Smooth vibes with trap sounds which will make her fall in love with you!
Passion Fruit instrumental     Passion Fruit
Ft. Xema Fuentes
Italian Trap Romantic Sad Smooth Trap
Passion Fruit Italian Trap Beat Download MP3 Passion Fruit Surce BeatsClick here to downloadPassion FruitMultiple Options
Beat Description: Versatility seems to be the most important characteristic of the trap in Italy. Melodic, smooth, aggresive... There are no words to describe Italian Trap.
Bee Honey instrumental     Bee Honey Juice WRLD Love Love Sad Smooth Trap
Bee Honey Sad Love Trap instrumental Type Beat Download Lover Bee Honey Surce BeatsClick here to downloadBee HoneyMultiple Options
Beat Description: Listen and download this amazing sad love beat now! If you feel loved or you just started loving someone else then this beat is specially made for you!
The Grief instrumental     The Grief Juice WRLD Sad Sampled Smooth Trap
Sad Guitar Trap Instrumental Website Juice WRLD Download MP3 Type Beat The Grief Surce BeatsClick here to downloadThe GriefMultiple Options
Beat Description: If you're listening in loop Lucid Dreams by Juice WRLD then you'll love this dreaming type beat! One of the bests out there pretty similar to Lucid Dreams!
Bullseye instrumental     Bullseye Guitar Bad Bunny Chill Latin Smooth
Guitar Trap Instrumental Bart Simpson Bullseye Surce BeatsClick here to downloadBullseyeMultiple Options
Beat Description: So you looking for the best trap instrumental with a guitar as a main instrument? If you'd like to get that guitar trap beat then click here!
Spacecraft instrumental     Spacecraft Lil Uzi Vert Love R&B Smooth Trap
Lil Uzi Vert Instrumental XO Tour Llif3 Type Beat Spacecraft Surce BeatsClick here to downloadSpacecraftMultiple Options
Beat Description: We've all fallen in love with the beat Lil Uzi Vert used in his XO Tour Llif3 track. Inspired by the stars we've created this Lil Uzi Type.
Wifey instrumental     Wifey Fast R&B Trap Love R&B Smooth Trap
Fast R&B Trap Beat Download - Fast Trap Instrumental - Wifey Wifey Surce BeatsClick here to downloadWifeyMultiple Options
Beat Description: Looking for fast Trap Beats? Then we got the instrumental that you've been looking for. If you like Fast R&B Beats and Instrumentals then Wifey is the perfect beat for your next studio album or trap mixtape!
Relax Bro instrumental     Relax Bro Tory Lanez X Yo Trane Love R&B Smooth Trap
Tory Lanez Simpsons Yo Trane Beats Instrumentals Relax Bro Surce BeatsClick here to downloadRelax BroMultiple Options
Beat Description: This Tory Lanez X Yo Trane Type Beat may be one of the best RnB and Smooth Beats out there in the internet. Not a corny one but still a trap beat.
Learned To Speak instrumental     Learned To Speak R&B Instrumental Beats Emotional Love R&B Smooth
Smooth Drake RnB Trap Type Beat Instrumental MP3 Download Learned To Speak Surce BeatsClick here to downloadLearned To SpeakMultiple Options
Beat Description: Download this amazing R&B Instrumental. One of the best smooth beats online. Get this R&B beat in MP3 for free now! R&B smooth beats for sale.
Falling instrumental     Falling PARTYNEXTDOOR Emotional Love R&B Smooth
PARTYNEXTDOOR Type Beat Falling Free Download Falling Surce BeatsClick here to downloadFallingMultiple Options
Beat Description: PARTYNEXTDOOR is a dope Canadian artist from the '93. Jahron Anthony (his real name) is used to choose wisely his beats and instrumentals and we're sure that he would love this Smooth R&B beat we've made. Straight from the Party, and right to the next door.
Ethereal instrumental     Ethereal Ne-Yo Emotional R&B Rock Smooth
Ethereal Surce BeatsClick here to downloadEtherealMultiple Options
Beat Description: Check out this Ne-Yo R&B Instrumental with a recorded live guitar in the hook. That beat could be awesome for your next project because of its romantic mood. Pure imagination and R&B are merged in this beat straight from FL Studio.
Starship instrumental     Starship Frank Ocean X Drake Love R&B Romantic Smooth
Frank Ocean Instrumental Starship Starship Surce BeatsClick here to downloadStarshipMultiple Options
Beat Description: Frank Ocean type instrumental with some smooth and R&B feelings. Hard builded stereo bassline, great instrumentation and sounds that makes this one in perfect harmony for a romance song.
Phobos instrumental     Phobos Drake Drake Emotional Love R&B
Drake Type Beat Phobos Phobos Surce BeatsClick here to downloadPhobosMultiple Options
Beat Description: Yeah, they wishin' and wishin' and wishin' and wishin' They wishin' on me, yuh. That's how Drake God's Plan starts and since the start it the whole track surrounds your mind for days.
Love & Pain instrumental     Love & Pain
Ft. Shine Beats
Mayne & Cassie Hip Hop Love R&B Smooth
Love And Pain Love Song Instrumental Type Beat Love & Pain Surce BeatsClick here to downloadLove & PainMultiple Options
Beat Description: Smooth and Lovely instrumental with live electric guitars. Perfect for a love song. This romantic hiphop instrumental has hard drums and not sampled piano solos. Enjoy the free download bruh! Featuring Shine Beats.
OOVOO instrumental     OOVOO Drake Chill Drake Love R&B
Drake Type Beat OOVOO OOVOO Surce BeatsClick here to downloadOOVOOMultiple Options
Beat Description: I'm sure that if Drake itself listens to this love mood instrumental he would fall in love, it's really close to his 2017 stuff. Check it out below.
Innatural instrumental     Innatural Beyoncé Emotional Love R&B Smooth
Innatural (SOLD) Surce Beats R&B Beyoncé instrumental type beat. Smooth and love feeling perfect for a love song. Like some of the bests Beyoncé hits like 'Halo' and 'Crazy In Love'. Grab the free download before it were sold fam.. Grab the free download before it were sold fam.

Innatural was exclusively sold and is no longer available
This beat is no longer available for any kind of licensing or purchase.
Refuse instrumental     Refuse Drake Chill Drake Love R&B
Refuse (SOLD) Surce Beats Lonely R&B instrumental without the usual corny and shameful chords you're used to listen in that kind of beats, some major shit.

Refuse was exclusively sold and is no longer available
This beat is no longer available for any kind of licensing or purchase.
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If we talking about Smooth Beats then Drake’s the king. There’s no doubt about that, he’s and will be the artist that released more songs over smooth beats in the history of the Hip Hop. Here you’ll find a lot of beats that would be suitable for Drake and artists such as PARTYNEXTDOOR, Kid Cudi, Ne-Yo, etc…