Gary Grice is the name behind a great artist better known by his both stage names, GZA and The Genius. Understanding that more than having an ability, a genius is a person whose mind and soul are totally committed to achieving a vision, he has shown to the artistic world that he is really one. GZA is a 51 American rapper that has defied time and remained popular in the long run.

Early days of GZA career

He’s done a great job as a rapper and a songwriter. With his lyrics, he’s had a significant effect and impact on his musical gender. Rap is global nowadays, but being an icon for so many years is something remarkable.

In fact, it is totally true he’s still an icon, but also a very famous role model with stylistic features that many new rappers around the world have tried to copy. He was born on August 22, 1966. Since the early 1970s, he was extremely interested in hip hop and started developing his smooth flow.

In 1991, he saw the first step of his dream come true with his debut album “Words from the Genius”. With this album, he understood that just being passionate was not quite enough to establish a solid role in the music industry. So he kept working, and his effort during all these years has given him Billboard hit album charts, and gold and platinum selling songs.

A real passion for both music and science

GZA Genius Zig Zag Allah

He was in school till the 10th grade, but as a real genius he always showed to be very inquisitive and never stopped learning. He says he loves chess and metaphors, but his passion for science in combination with his love for music was a powerful formula for his successful musical career. His songs are real samples of unique words that show science and storytelling.

As the competition in music industry is not a matter of being born singer, his perseverance and creativity have been the best GZA’s qualities. His enthusiasm for astronomy and physics has been like an X factor that made him become a rap phenomenon.

In his wholehearted commitment to changing things and enlightening others, he teamed up with Dr. Chris Endim, Professor in Columbia University’s Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology. In their own words, they’ve joined efforts to “utilize the power of Hip Hop music and culture to introduce youth to the wonder and beauty of science”.

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GZA as a solo artist

Being confident about his talent and writing lyrics of unique style have helped him to completely conquer the stage. Gary Grice has been GZA as both a successful solo artist and a member of one of the best known hip-hop groups ever.

Although he’s been a prolific composer and an influential artist during all these years, it is necessary to mention his acclaimed solo album released in 1995 “Liquid Swords”. No doubt it is a masterpiece that still sounds as good as it did 22 years ago. This shows the incredible power of his lyrics and his prodigious ability from his beginning as a singer.

In his case, singing was a great career option that let him show he is extremely talented. Far from being afraid of large audiences, he’s conquered them. It is worth stressing that his conscious content and rap rhyming have clicked so well that The Genius has always stood out from the crowd of competitors.

GZA and the Wu–Tang Clan

GZA And The Wu-Tang Clan

The story of many artistic groups is to carry on with new singers, but this is not the case. Despite doing so well as a solo artist, it’s not a secret that he’s the most experienced and respected figure in the Wu – Tang Clan. GZA helped to found the Wu- Tang Clan, this hip-hop group from New York City has had several singles among the Billboard’s hottest songs.

His cousin Robert Diggs (RZA) has been an important person to him and has shared with him in the group from the very beginning. They and the other singers create a vocal mix that has made them become masters of their musical creation.

Since the mid-1990s, the success of the group made them become a platinum influential force. The audience likes their albums and also the solo performances of its members so much that each live concert is an opportunity for them to gain popularity, and of course public support.

It’s amazing how they shine as solo artists, and as group members they share the mic making rap remain as a fluid genre. Gary Grice keeps innovative ideas flowing about changing things through his writing, activism and music. In my opinion he’s one of the greatest of all time in the Hip Hop music scene.

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