Are you a producer that would like to know how to get better sound quality in FL Studio? Are you a producer that just want to improve his sound quality? Are you an experienced producer looking for secret techniques to steal them like me? Well… Are you a producer at all? If not you better check my beats, if yes stay here because what I’m going to talk about can help you a lot to improve your stock FL Studio sound quality.

You may be wondering why there’s a Coke, a Fanta and a Sprite can on the image, well… Here in Spain it’s said that FL Studio sounds like a can (or that has a ”can sound”), maybe I’m sure it’s said by a lot of unexperienced producers that doesn’t know a sh*t about mixdown and mastering, but we’ll talk about them in any other moment, maybe soon.

Why the hell you talking about get better sound quality in FL Studio like if you were selling me something?

Why the hell are you talking about FL Studio like if you were selling me something

Because I am, well, not, f*ck, that’s not what’s supposed to be a landing page. Anyway you can also check out my mixdown and mastering services, they’re CHEAP AS HELL and got the best sound quality out there because anybody knows… The sound quality that you can obtain from an experienced EDM producer it’s not the same as the sound quality you can get from that new dude that makes a bunch of beats daily with sampled 808s (doh…) and peaking kicks.

But slow down boi, first of all, there are a bunch of things that you must do in order to improve your sound quality, and I’m not going to spread my wisdom for free if you ain’t down to read a bit more, so here we are, talking about the weather… Just kidding bro, for real, make sure you have the latest version of FL Studio.

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Bro for real what do I have to do?

The circular panning law is the devil

In the first place there’s an update, and it’s called FL Studio 20, go get it now if you didn’t purchased it yet, because it’s a one time payment and updates a free (YES, FREE!). If you’re getting a poor sound quality in your DAW (it doesn’t matter if it’s FL Studio or whatever) it may be because you’re using an old cracked version, go get a legit copy and update it asap.

Secondly, you better deactivate the shittiest option available in any FL Studio, deactivate the f**king ”circular panning law”. Yeah, it’s a DEMON inside FL Studio. As far as I know it’s kinda a stereo limiter or something like, but if you’re trying to get a MAJOR sound with FL Studio you’ll get several headaches if you don’t deactivate that option.

Let’s make a test, go to FL Studio and open (in sound quality terms) the BETTER project you’ve made in your whole life.

Go to Options > Project General Settings > Audio > Circular panning law (Uncheck that filthy thing and you’re all set).

The bad point about this circular panning sh*t is that it’s activated by default. Yes, now it doesn’t sounds good and everything is peaking! Yes, because now everything sounds as it should sound before the mixdown and mastering you did so remember, the next time you start a project, first you better deactivate THE DEMON. It will sound better (mainly basses).

Mees Bickle was the dude that told me that trick a few years ago and and since then I always deactivate it. So for real, if you want to get better sound quality in FL Studio you better get rid of it, always. What’s that circular panning law thing?

Better sound quality? That’s all? You kidding me?

Everything Sound Better With Sausage Fattener

Yes, and no. I’ll let you know something that may interest you if you really want to get better sound quality in FL Studio… Everyone’s using Fruity Parametric EQ 2 in FL Studio, but even by using its Order > Steep 8 you ain’t getting rid of unwanted frequencies. If you smart (sup DJ Khaled) go get apEQ by APulsoft which is a real life equalizer, not a toy.

I’m using an old version since I’m old school now but its new name’s apQualizr2. Trust me, it worth the bucks it costs for what it does. You may think ”yeah but Fabfilter is blahblahblah”… Nope, apEQ is the smart option and you’ll thank me later. That all was for the mixdown side, which is the most important thing you should make sure’s properly done before start working on a proper mastering for your project, but we’ll talk about that in another post.

If you’re lazy enough you can also grab the better sound quality out there by hiring my mixdown and mastering services.


There are no magic tricks in order to get a better sound quality, there are little tricks that may help you out if you’re down to read enough, but there’s no plugin that will make you sound better in mixdown terms, not even the soundgoodizer one (this plugin should be considered illegal).

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