So you want to promote your music online… Right? We live in the world of the Internet, everybody uses laptops and people go around carrying mobile devices all the time. No matter what kind of enterprise you have, is well known that online visibility is a great part of your business. If you are a musician, then it is time to show the world that you are better than your competitors. However great your music is, if people do not know about its existence, they will not listen to it… Just think about that.

You need to promote your music by yourself. If you are into indie music, self-promotion is vital. You do not have a company to advertise and promote your music in the major radio stations, music journals and in targeted internet sites. So it is your responsibility… At this time success or failure is up to you. All you need to do for a good start is to make some social media network profiles like YouTube, ReverbNation, Facebook, SoundClick, SoundCloud, Pinterest, Twitter and some others. They are amazing public platforms, and you can use them for free (unless you want to invest some money, you can find at the internet some success stories by using ads at YouTube and ReverbNation).

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The world of the Internet

Depending the site you could post your thoughts, selfies, beats or songs time and again and some people will follow you. Make sure that you have two-sided communication with your followers and fans, answer their messages and comments. As you grow will be impossible answer all the messages and comments. Just be professional, nobody likes stupid and self-centred people and obviously nobody likes to listen this kind of people.

SoundCloud is a social media network site meant for musicians and bands like SoundClick, anyway SoundClick is more focused for hiphop producers and beatmakers… So many years ago the site started as a music community (and still is) but is often used as a way to show over the world your production level and skills in something like an hiphop instrumentals market. Works really fine (at least for me), I know some dudes living off that just using that website, so try it if you are a hiphop producer.

SoundCloud Banner Promote Your Music Online

You may meet plenty of new friends who share an interest with you at SoundCloud. Probably some of them will love your music and leave some feedback. They may boost your confidence in yourself and your statistics, if you’re doing well your craft they will let you know. Anyway just like with any other online advertising strategy, you need to be specific. Find the group where you belong, whether you produce electronic music join to some EDM groups. The more elaborate you describe your music with tags and key terms, the more likely that your future fan base will find you… Think about how many people are searching for the “ dubstep” or “hiphop beats” keywords in a month at SoundCloud or Google and you will not need these advices, be smart!

If you can dream it, you can do it, let’s promote your music

However, do not believe that you upload a song and it will go viral within two days, usually there is a HUGE advertising campaign behind the scenes but viral content could serve for another article. You must have heard such success stories, but let me tell you they are the exception rather than the rule. You need to work hard to become popular. First of all, your music needs to be glorious. Do your best with every single song or beat you release. Study music, find a good music teacher, or, at least, educate yourself online.

Learn how to play an instrument and practice a lot. If you take your music seriously, you have to practice a lot of hours every day but if you’re reading that article I guess that will not be a big sacrifice. Aim for getting better and better before invest to get known and you will not need to invest in nothing.

Looking to go viral? Huh…

Be original and honest, and whatever you do, do it from your heart. Do not do something halfheartedly, only because you think it is a hit with others. Fake music always sounds awkward. Be yourself when you create your music and your online platforms. You will certainly find your audience, the people who adore what you do. Think big, patience is the key and hard work pays off… Not for all in the same way but pays off always.

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