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2 Chainz X Quavo Dark Dirty South Lounge

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2 Chainz X Quavo - Goonies Instrumental (Dark, Dirty South, Lounge, Trap Beat)

2 Chainz (also known as Tity Boi) may fall in love with this goonies instrumental, check it out and grab the free download after the jump. If you're wondering why the beat is called Goonies then better call Sloth.

About this 2 Chainz X Quavo Type Beat

Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. At least he would have think that it was a great name for an album title. I'm still doubting about that but let's be honest, it's catchy and I'm sure that a lot of girls can agree on that. The album was released on Def Jam Recordings and featured Quavo and Gucci Mane. I really like the fourth studio album of 2 Chainz, since in my opinion it's his best album yet.

Now let's talk about the Goonies. Let us put ourselves in this heartrending situation, you're a child and you were wondering for weeks where the heck is your chocolate, then a monstruous dude appears in the night and the worst thing, he's one the brothers of a herd of racketeers. Cool thing, but then he befriends you and is a cool guy. I'm still wondering what the Goonies script dude was smoking while he was writing.

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Dark Dirty South Lounge Trap

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