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Anthem Trap Anthem Hardcore Hip Hop

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Anthem Trap - Supreme Instrumental (Anthem, Hardcore, Hip Hop, Trap Beat)

Listen to this anthem trap beat and remember the good times when DJ Khaled were used to work along with The Runners in just... ANTHEMS!

About this Anthem Trap Type Beat

This trap beat is one of my favorite beats produced by me of all times, it was clearly made to make a Trap Anthem, like those who DJ Khaled was used to make along with The Runners. The kind of tracks that The Runners produced influenced me a lot in 2010 / 2012, and it that time I was like crazy trying to make that kind of sound. Somehow finally achieved the sound I wanted for years, and it's a timeless trap beat that will last in my memory for decades. I'm not saying it's the best beat I've ever made, but it's one of them, I really love that trap beat.

Everything is composed by scratch, the horns, the choirs, the synths and even the arpeggios, and the best thing is they're in the place THEY should be. Even the 808 bass were hand-crafted with 3xOsc to sound as it should. As producers we used to create on a daily basis, but there are sometimes that you create something that outstands everything you've created before. And that's the case. I was aware of uploading this beat to the internet, but in the end I realized that it will do nothing resting in my hard drive :)

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Anthem Hardcore Hip Hop Trap

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