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Arab Trap Bouncy Club Hardcore

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Arab Trap - Aladdin Instrumental (Bouncy, Club, Hardcore, Trap Beat)

If you're looking for trap beats with an arabic mood definitely you should listen to this Aladdin beat. One of the best beats in the Arab trap genre.

About this Arab Trap Type Beat

I love to create instrumentals in the arabic scale or with an arabic mood. It's really hard to create them since you gotta play with a concrete scale but once you get used it's kinda easy. In this arab trap type beat titled Aladdin I've used a sweet flute sample to create the main melody. That flute is changing all along the whole arabic instrumental to clearly make it fit with an arab mood. I was bewtween Aliyah and Aladdin for the title of that beat, but since it wasn't a romantic beat I decided to name it Aladdin.

Arabic music is and was clearly similar to Flamenco music. I mean, it's not the same because the instruments used in Flamenco music are originally sounding different. Some of them are the same but there are differences between scales and melodies. Anyway there are clear similarities between them that I always remember when I'm making that kind of beats with arabic melodies. I'm not saying that Flamenco is the same kind of music as Arabic music, but it's crystal clear that long long time ago Arabic Music influenced the kind of music that was created in Spain and the south of France. Enjoy the beat and get the free download before I change my mind!

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Bouncy Club Hardcore Trap

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