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Arcade Game Dark Spooky Trap

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Arcade Game - Arcade Master Instrumental (Dark, Spooky, Trap, Videogame Beat)

The arcade universe would not have been the same without video game music. With that said, what if you make a great blend with Trap Music? Interesting...

About this Arcade Game Type Beat

The arcade universe would not have been the same without video game music. Without the music and the sounds: the game over, the extra life, the one of getting smaller before dying, the one of the 'hadouken' of Street Figther... To enter the arcades of the neighborhood was to enter a deafening world, with a thousand musics and sounds at the same time. But inside the madness... how wonderful! The music of the video games of the 80's hammered our heads but we loved it... and although we have a weakness for the sounds of those days, today's soundtracks also have their point.

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Dark Spooky Trap Videogame

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