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ASAP Rocky X Skepta Grime Bass Music Electronic Grime

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ASAP Rocky X Skepta Grime - Oh Lord Instrumental (Bass Music, Electronic, Grime, Trap Beat)

Get this ASAP Rocky X Skepta Grime Type Beat. One of the best beats you'll find online that sounds similar to the artists stated before. Pretty similar to the song ''Praise The Lord'' regarding the structure but more in an electronic way. Definitely Oh Lord is a major sounding Trap & Grime beat.

About this ASAP Rocky X Skepta Grime Type Beat

I came, I saw, I praise the lord and break the law. That's the main hook of ''Praise the Lord'', one of the very best ever beats I've ever heard. Anyway we're not here to be copycats and recreate beats and instrumentals made by other producers, we're here to get inspired and create something strictly different based on what we love. I'm sure I could recreate the ''train horn flute'' that's continuously sounding in the ASAP Rocky X Skepta Grime Type Beat stated above, but I don't like the idea of copying a whole beat. Even less if I can create something completely different based on that.

Honestly I don't know how the relation of Skepta and ASAP Rocky ended up in such that dope collaboration, but I don't lie if I tell you that got that Praise the Lord track in loop for almost 6 hours continuously. That's how it is, you replay and replay and replay a track until you get tired of it. But it was almost impossible with that ASAP Rocky X Skepta Grime Type Beat, no matter how many times I listen to it. Well, enjoy the free download of this trap grime type beat and send me the tracks y'all made!

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