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Japanese Bouncy Dark Hardcore

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Japanese - Yakuza Instrumental (Bouncy, Dark, Hardcore, Trap Beat)

If you like Japanese Type Beats then you'll fall in love with this instrumental. It has that Asian mood that everyone's loving. No samples.

About this Japanese Type Beat

You may guess why it's called Yakuza, or maybe not, let me tell you. This past week I've watching a lot of chinese action movies, I mean... A LOT. I started watching out the legendary Drunken Master (rest in peace Yuan Xiaotian) and then started watching the IP Man / Yip man ones. The story of the IP Man ones inspired me a lot when, at the end of the first movie, the japanese general Miura... Well, I don't want to reveal you any spoilers of those movies because I encourage you to watch them all, they're very inspiring so you'll thank me later.

Regarding the beat, I haven't used any samples to compose the melody line of this Yakuza beat. Yes, you're right, it doesn't contains any samples from any other asian song, just one-shots and single note elements used as they were synthetizers. I think that now you can get how deep I was inspired by the movies mentioned above. I'd like to have more time to start practicing and learning Wing Chun, I think it would be a great experience for me. Spoiler alert: Yip Man didn't teach the japaneses the chinese Kung-Fu.

NOTE: Regarding the japanese flag, I've used this flag because I googled "japanese flag" and this one looks more catchy to the eyes, at the moment when I was designing it I didn't know what it means. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

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Bouncy Dark Hardcore Trap

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