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Nineties Boom Bap Boombap Hip Hop Old School

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Nineties Boom Bap - Sneaking Up Instrumental (Boombap, Hip Hop, Old School, Rap Beat)

You start moving your head back and forth, that's how you know it's Boom Bap rap. If you're looking for the nineties sound go get it here.

About this Nineties Boom Bap Type Beat

What's considered really Old School and Boom Bap it is probably the more difficult concept to deal with, since the implications of respect and originality that it implies can cause sparks to fly if it is not approached with affection.

The main problem with the concept of old school is that its name immediately leads to an idea of old age, or time, or age. And this, to some extent, is misleading. I mean, can a person have been developing a discipline related to culture for many years and not be old school hip hop? Even having made a strong mark on the scene? Well, yes, clearly.

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Boombap Hip Hop Old School Rap

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