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Lo-Fi Trap Beat Boombap Lo-Fi Smooth

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Lo-Fi Trap Beat - New York Instrumental (Boombap, Lo-Fi, Smooth, Trap Beat)

This Boom Trap Type Beat is probably one of the best Lo-Fi Trap Instrumentals you'll ever heard, period. Old school mood, fresh sound, 10/10.

About this Lo-Fi Trap Beat Type Beat

Boom Trap refers to a "boom" drum kick followed by the crisp "bap" with Trap and fresh sounds on the drums, usually at a slow tempo between usual Trap BPMs and Boom Bap studio recording usual velocity. In the early days of Trap you could say that all Trap was "boom trap," although the term didn't come into use until !llMind used it. The sound it describes is at old school Hip-Hop merged with fresh sounds coming from the new trap music wave.

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Boombap Lo-Fi Smooth Trap

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