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Lil Yachty 8BIT Chill Trap

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Lil Yachty - Magic Flute Instrumental (8BIT, Chill, Trap, Videogame Beat)

Click here to download this Cartoon Trap Type Beat. It's an instrumental that may be suitable for rappers such as Lil Yachty and more.

About this Lil Yachty Type Beat

Cartoon beats are a trend nowadays. It's really hard to achieve a great sounding trap instrumental in that style. I mean, in the style of Lil Yachty and similar artists that are used to spit some fire over that kind of beats. We've seen a lot of sucess examples in that kind of "videogame / cartoon" style beats. It may be the happy mood they make you feel or something like, but it's what it is. For example, 1 Night and Minnesota and two great examples of what I'm talking about. Those beats are quite simple, but often related with successful records in the industry.

Lil Yachty is a dude that sounds like a cartoon character, and pretty similar to how some videogame characters would sound like. I mean, imagine if Super Mario were a rapper. It would sound like Lil Yachty. In the past we've seen how Yachty tweeted about the song of Super Mario 64, specially the File Selection song. That's weird, or not, it sounds dope if you add a few 808s and some pre-made drums so... I grabbed some flute sounds and composed something pretty similar to how that song would sound like. That's Magic Flute, enjoy!

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8BIT Chill Trap Videogame

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