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Dark Electronic Rap - Bassgod Instrumental (Bass Music, Electronic, Hardcore, Hip Hop Beat)

Listen carefully to the bass of this Dark Electronic Rap Type Beat, I'm sure that's the filthiest bass you'll ever hear in a EDM dark rap instrumetal. Spooky mood advised.

About this Dark Electronic Rap Type Beat

If you like bass music I'm sure you'll fall in love with the filthy bass of this dark rap instrumental. It's a kinda dark type beat since there's a dark mood all over the beat, but you can't deny that it sounds really good. Dark Rap Beats have been all around the Hip Hop scene for years, but if you mix those type of beats with electronic and EDM sounds patterns they all sound even better. At the moment I started making that beat it started being a Dark Trap Beat, but quickly ditched the hi-hats and the snare and turned up the tempo of the whole instrumental. The result as you may hear is really good.

If you're wondering how I managed to create that bass I used several VST plugins. First I made the main bassline with Sytrus that is an stock FL Studio plugin. Then I sent the main bass line to two different mixer channels. One that's the distorted / stereo enabled and another one for the lowbass. To make that kind of distortion on that dark hip hop instrumental I used Sausage Fattener and Camel Phat, which are one of the best distortion plugins ever. They both worth a try if you a Hip Hop producer.

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