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Dark Trap - The Summoning Instrumental (Creepy, Dark, Trap, Videogame Beat)

The creepiest Trap beat in the internet is just a click away. The summoning is one of those Dark Trap Instrumentals that get you goosebumps.

About this Dark Trap Type Beat

This may be the darkest trap beat you'll find in the whole internet, period. It could perfectly be the creepy OST of an horror movie, or even the soundtrack of the latest "The Exorcist" remake. In fact the melody of this beat started being as a scoring, a creepy soundtrack for a German horror movie that finally was cancelled so I decided to convert it into a trap instrumental, and honestly... Thats dope because now I like it even more, it may sound weird but its what it is. The composition of this beat is completely made by scratch and there aren't samples involved to clear so you shouldn't worry about that.

As soon as this dark trap instrumental starts a bunch of goosebumps will flow around your body, and I'm sure about that because that's what happens to me even being the producer of this creepy a*s thing. The composition, the mood, and the atmosphere that surrounds that beat is all about darkness. You can't deny that. This dark beat would fit perfectly for all those dudes thinking about making a creepy track, or even a track for a huge beef. Whatever you want to do with this beat first make sure you've got dark things in mind :|

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Creepy Dark Trap Videogame

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