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Dubstep Hip Hop - Geek Love Instrumental (Dubstep, Electronic, Hip Hop, Love Beat)

This is a mix of a perfectly blended love hip hop instrumental with an edm dubstep song. It's perfect for live shows where people wouldn't expect the end.

About this Dubstep Hip Hop Type Beat

What happens when hip-hop mixes with dubstep? One of the answers could be... It becomes one of the most fun music for dancefloor. Hip hop as well as funk are super danceable genres, full of groove. If we add the intensity of the dubstep sounds the result can't be less than people flying through the air. The bass is one of the most intelligent, put in the right moment. Few elements but well achieved. A cocktail that's overflowing with energy. Love pianos as elegant as it is devastating. I challenge you to stand still while this beat is playing.

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Dubstep Electronic Hip Hop Love

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