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Dubstep - Ghosts Instrumental (Dubstep, Electronic, Glitch-Hop, Hip Hop, Rap Beat)

This dubstep hip hop beat may have the best sound selection and design ever. Half Hip Hop, half Dubstep and electronic, check it out!

About this Dubstep Type Beat

In recent years, we have seen in our country a commitment to the fusion of dubstep music and rap. A scene has been created in which the classic and modern styles of electronic music are reinvented through the creative look of many artists present in this trend. I think that dubstep mixed with rap is a language that works very well in music and fusing it with electronic music could give a good result. This is what we are seeing in different parts of the world, the fusion of electronic music with lyrics that speak of hedonism, freedom, drugs, inner thoughts, love and much more.

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Dubstep Electronic Glitch-Hop Hip Hop

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