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Dubstep Rap Instrumental - Tekkit Instrumental (Bass Music, Dubstep, Electronic, Hip Hop Beat)

So I guess you like Hip Hop, Rap and Dubstep... Then here's the perfect beat instrumental for that dubstep track you've been thinking about.

About this Dubstep Rap Instrumental Type Beat

Dubstep inspired beats in the Hip Hop music scene has been really present along those latest years. It was a trend in 2016 but still today we can listen to some Dubstep inspired instrumentals. Hip Hop has been fed with different elements of another genres along the latest 20 years, and as you may guess the Bass Music was one of them. Dubstep and Hip Hop fit together particularly good, specially for aggresive tracks like the ones that were released by Dope DOD and Foreign Beggars a few years ago. They were like the originators of the Rap / Dubstep scene with collaborations from top notch major artists like Noisia.

In this Dubstep Hip Hop Instrumental you'll heard a beat without main leads, they all are basses made with stock FL Studio plugins, mainly 3xOsc. Those Dubstep leads coming from 3xOsc obviously have a lot of pre-processing and post-processing so that's why they're sounding in that Dubsteppy way. If sometimes you thought that stock FL Studio plugins are useles to make Bass Music or Dubstep Beats then go show your friends this beat. I'm sure that they'll completely regret about saying the same thing again. That's what happen when you mix Dubstep Beats and Hip Hop Beats with Rap music... Properly.

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