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Duki Goteo 8BIT Happy Trap

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Duki Goteo - Neo-Geo Instrumental (8BIT, Happy, Trap, Videogame Beat)

Download this Duki - Goteo instrumental re-rework. It's not Goteo, it's not Team Air, it's definitely between them both because haber estudiao.

About this Duki Goteo Type Beat

Duki landed here after coming from Argentina to offer a tour that has marked a before and after in his career. The different shows offered in Spain were recorded, and now those clips have been compiled to generate the video clip 'Goteo'. In this new track, Duki is grateful for everything achieved so far, the success derived from the support of unconditional fans. In the audiovisual piece we discover recordings that show from the entrance queues to their concerts across the country, to unpublished images shot backstage.

Asan is in charge of signing the production of the cut, which is pretty similar to a FMS beat called Team Air produced by yours truly back in 2012. As if all this were not enough, the rapper has remembered to thank in the description of the clip many of the artists with whom he has shared moments these months: Oro Dembow, Fuego, Moonkey, Papi Trujillo, Dicc, We$t Dubai, Dano, Paco Amoroso, Ca7riel, Yesan, Yung Beef and many more...

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8BIT Happy Trap Videogame

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