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2000's Hip Hop Beat Classic Electronic Hip Hop

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2000's Hip Hop Beat - Gemkeepers Instrumental (Classic, Electronic, Hip Hop, Old School Beat)

If you like real Hip Hop then listen to this early 2000s Hip Hop Instrumental. The best 2000's sound is reflected on that 2000 Hip Hop Beat.

About this 2000's Hip Hop Beat Type Beat

2000s Hip Hop / Rap was a transition between the classic nineties sound and the actual Trap scene. Some of the best rap songs of the 2000s were made by artists and groups such as Vinnie Paz, La Coka Nostra and a lot of people with that particular sound. It wasn't sounding that classic, but it had that feel in between. The early 2000s rap and the beats used in that time were really good. Specially I loved when everyone was like no man I still prefer the old Hip Hop / Rap sound. And in 2018, as we can see, we still have people thinking in that way with the current trends.

I think it doesn't really matter how the beats sound if they sound enough good. They can be the simplest thing out there or the most musical instrumental ever heard. But the fact is that there's no need to get a complex beat to make a song chart. We see the trends and the trendspotters jumping all around different kind of beats. I wouldn't call them trendspotters, I'd better say that's evolution. As an artist you can't sound in the same way your whole career, and I think that's the actual progression of the Hip Hop scene. It doesn't mean that the newest the better, it means that you have to change to reach a wider audience.

2000 hip hop music and the beats used at that time were enough good to make a throwback so here's that 2000 hip hop instrumental. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the creation process. peace out family!

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Classic Electronic Hip Hop Old School

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