The Universe instrumental     The Universe
(With Hook)

Juice WRLD 8BIT Trap Videogame

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Juice WRLD - The Universe Instrumental (8BIT, Trap, Videogame, With Hooks Beat)

If Juice WRLD were into the EDM thing we're sure he'd go for that kind of beats. Catchy hook and bouncy 808s, that's exactly what a dope trap beat needs.

About this Juice WRLD Type Beat

A few years ago the term electronic music was used to refer to electronic music played in dance clubs. That's why today it's more accurate to use the term EDM as is, which stands for Electronic Dance Music, it's also called Dance Music or simply Dance. This is very important because many people mistakenly use the term EDM to refer to the more commercial electro house music, when this is only a small part of all the subgenres of EDM. So now that you know what EDM is let's get this trap beat which is a perfect mix of EDM and Trap.

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8BIT Trap Videogame With Hooks

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