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EDM Bass Music Bouncy Electronic

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EDM - Machete Instrumental (Bass Music, Bouncy, Electronic, Trap Beat)

Get this awesome EDM trap type beat by clicking here! Perfect if you like EDM trap or the sound of dubstep trap songs! Monster 808s!

About this EDM Type Beat

Trap Music combines elements of hip hop and rap and is distinguished by the fact that it is much more electronic. One of the most typical elements of trap is the use of the Roland 808, an iconic drum machine with which the characteristic base on which to rap is created. Trap comes from American slang and refers to places where you can buy drugs. In fact, drugs, sex and violence are themes very present in the lyrics of trap artists such as Chief Keef, 6ix9ine or some other american groups and artists.

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Bass Music Bouncy Electronic Trap

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