Get High instrumental     Get High
(With Hook)

Electronic Pop Trap Videogame

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Electronic - Get High Instrumental (Pop, Trap, Videogame, With Hooks Beat)

Click here to download this amazing electronic trap instrumental. Featuring an accordingly bright hook for this trap beat. Don't miss this opportunity!

About this Electronic Type Beat

What is the trap beats thing? It's all about coke and chicks? However, there is much more to this new style that in recent months has made a huge niche in the music industry. The term "trap" comes from the English slang that refers to the places where drugs are sold illegally (or also, the very action of selling the drug). And the lyrics of this genre revolve around this reality: the street, drugs, sex, violence... All without any censorship or euphemisms. Anyway, there are type of beats for any moods and with any types of lyrics, that's why trap instrumentals like this exists!

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Pop Trap Videogame With Hooks

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