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Evil Creepy Dark Filthy

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Evil - Cursed Instrumental (Creepy, Dark, Filthy, Trap Beat)

Download this dark and Evil trap type beat. If you're looking for evil and dark beats for your upcoming mixtape you're on the right place.

About this Evil Type Beat

Everything has its dark side. The government, marriages, happy families, as well as trap music. Everything has a side that is not convenient to see. It doesn't feel good to look at it and recognize it. Rap, and trap in particular, has been the most consumed genre in the mainstream for a few years now. Thanks to its commercial growth and aesthetic evolution, different branches have emerged: trap is a hybrid between hip-hop music and digital production, this is heavy music that talks about drugs and social problems. In this article we will go through the darker sides of trap today, but not before taking a look at the antecedents: those who sowed the seed that the scene harvests today.

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Creepy Dark Filthy Trap

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