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Experimental Trap - Duck Dawg Instrumental (Club, Electronic, Experimental, Trap Beat)

What if... What if you make a synth sounding like a duck? And what if that duck makes a banging club trap beat? Well, check it after the jump

About this Experimental Trap Type Beat

This catchy gibberish became the first universally famous verse of a musical style that, seemingly out of nowhere, revolutionized the music industry. In late 1979, a song called "Rapper's Delight" began to be played on the radios of many countries, becoming a huge international hit and sparking a revolution, that of club hip hop, that would end up completely changing the musical landscape. The general public had never heard anything like club hip hop or club rap. "Rapper's Delight" had been recorded by an unknown trio of twenty-somethings called The Sugarhill Gang; one of them was working in a pizza parlor. Before it was suddenly discovered by millions of people, club trap beats had been born and bred without anyone knowing of its existence beyond a few poor neighborhoods in New York. It's hard to understand why a style with such a capacity for impact could exist for several years under the radar without any record label discovering it. But it did. It didn't seem to exist and suddenly,

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Club Electronic Experimental Trap

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