Close Encounters instrumental     Close Encounters

Experimental Aggresive Dark Electronic

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Experimental - Close Encounters Instrumental (Aggresive, Dark, Electronic, Trap Beat)

One of the most experimental trap beats you'll ever listen to. Grab the free download to make one of the best songs of your whole career! Punchy and kicker!

About this Experimental Type Beat

Internet is full of trap beats, but often producers aren't used to create experimental beats for rare tracks or songs. They think regular trap beats outsell weird music, and they're completely wrong about that. Maybe emerging artists are looking for an established sound, but established artsits are ALWAYS looking for emerging and different sounds, maybe that's what make them established? I don't know but maybe it does have something to do. Just take a look to Travis Scott instrumentals... Don't forget to grab the free download!

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Aggresive Dark Electronic Trap

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