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Fast R&B Trap - Wifey Instrumental (Love, R&B, Smooth, Trap Beat)

Looking for fast Trap Beats? Then we got the instrumental that you've been looking for. If you like Fast R&B Beats and Instrumentals then Wifey is the perfect beat for your next studio album or trap mixtape!

About this Fast R&B Trap Type Beat

This Trap beat is definitely one of my most recent beats to date. It's one of that instrumentals that you make when you're thinking in the love of your life, or maybe just thinking about chicks. It has that dope and smooth feeling that could make anybody fall in love, that's appearing more than I'd like as soon as I start making beats. That Trap instrumental could be easily used by Drake, Tory Lanez, or even Ne-Yo, so that could be a great Type Beat for the artists mentioned before. Or even Post Malone in a track like its track ''Fall apart''.

The R&B feeling on this Fast Trap Beat is more than obvious, I mean, you would be able to talk about anything but it's fully focused in a concrete thing. You can rap about love or wifey quarrels but I think it could be perfect to talk about anything you'd like to. That's why Jessica and Bart Simpson appears in the artwork of that fast trap beat. The impossible love story between the bad boy and the pretty girl has been a recurring pattern in the history. I'm sure that you've experienced this, and even relate yourself in that kind of moods.

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Love R&B Smooth Trap

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