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Freestyle - Cementerio Lleno Instrumental (Electronic, Free Beats, Hardcore, Hip Hop Beat)

One of the greatest freestyle hip hop beats you've ever heard. Used in the FMS, one of the greatest freestyle competitions, in a battle of Force vs Errece.

About this Freestyle Type Beat

Freestyle is the part of rap where songs are replaced by improvised rhymes and concerts are battles that are fought all over Spain and also abroad. It is Rap created in the moment, improvising while rapping, expressing what you see or what you feel while keeping the words on a rhythm and maintaining a constant flow. Although literally the term "free-style" is translated directly as "estilo libre" in Spanish, the word "improvisation" is used as an ordinary translation. The battles are not always the same, that is, it can be a battle between two rappers on a free style theme, or with chosen words, or on a particular theme, for example. They can be very varied in terms of content and participants. Download this freestyle beat for your freestyles right now! Force Vs Errece FMS.

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Electronic Free Beats Hardcore Hip Hop

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