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Videogames - Galaga Wars Instrumental (8BIT, Chiptune, Electronic, Trap, Videogame Beat)

If you like the sound of the 8 bit scene then you'll fall in love with this amazing chiptune trap beat. It's full of arps and Nintendo sounds!

About this Videogames Type Beat

Galaga. Three lives and twenty million points. It may seem simple, one of the great shoot em ups video games of history. It's in the family of classic arcades created between the late seventies and early eighties. Galaga, a Namco classic that was released in '81, the sequel to Galaxian. The game is framed within the genre of shoot'em up. The player controls a ship that must face hordes of enemies that are located at the top of the screen which attack the protagonist in different waves. It may sound simple, but trust me, it's not.

Now that you know what Galaga means it's time to talk about the music and OST of that kind of games. I first started loving the Gradius melody back in my childhood, and then it became and anthem when I've found some remixes on YouTube. But the thing is not to copy nor recreate them. The point of the chiptune beats and 8 bit music is to recreate the feel you get by playing those amazing old games. And for those feelings you need... We all know that, music. It's a beat where we mixed Trap Music and 8 bit music, so it's the most catchy thing you'll listen to this 2019, period.

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8BIT Chiptune Electronic Trap

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