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Game R&B 8BIT Happy Trap

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Game R&B - Sky Base Instrumental (8BIT, Happy, Trap, Videogame Beat)

It's not arcade, or maybe it's, but other than that Arcade is nothing but videogame music mixed with trap beats. Click here if you like 8 Bit and trap.

About this Game R&B Type Beat

I'll never forget the first time I turned on the game and heard the most exciting music I'd heard at age four. With this began an obsession with video game music that to this day has fascinated me. Listing the best soundtracks from a medium as vast as video games is not a difficult task; it's an impossible task. Partly because of the subjectivity of the music itself, but mainly because the ability of video games to play music has evolved so much.

Video games started with computer music, then synthesizers, now full orchestras, and in all these musical styles there are strong exponents whose compositions transcend the game itself. This list, like all lists on the web, is not definitive and despite having numbers on the side, they do not represent a quantitative value. Rather, each soundtrack in this note has been selected for its relevance, innovation and durability. But... What if you mix that new Trap wave with Videogames music? There's... The Arcade Wave.

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8BIT Happy Trap Videogame

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