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   Dream Land

Kirby's Dream Land 8BIT Electronic Trap

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Kirby's Dream Land - Dream Land Instrumental (8BIT, Electronic, Trap, Videogame Beat)

It's not a just trap beat, it's the retro sound wave of the 8BIT Famicom sound processor mixed with trap music, ending up being one of the greatest chiptune / 8BIT beats ever made. A jewel even from the first bar.

About this Kirby's Dream Land Type Beat

Kirby's Dream Land. Those three words are the title of one of the best games ever made. I used to play and love this game in my childhood, at the point that it has inspired me enough to create a beat with a melody that could've been used for the game. If you have ever listened to the Kirby's Dream Land OST melodies you'll realize they're pretty similar. At the point that I'm thinking about to contact HAL Laboratories to look if they're interested in feature this beat in one of their future games. Let's see how it ends up.

The composer of the OST from NIntendo Game Boy's Kirby's Dream Land is Jun Ishikawa. That dude is a genius, I mean at this point I'm sure that you've noticed that a lot of my trap beats sound like some Sega and Nintendo videogames songs. I mean, A LOT. VIdeogames were my inspiration at my childhood and loved to play games like Kirby, Zelda, Gradius and a whole lot of titles that I'm sure I'll show to my future daughter. I don't usually enjoy new games, a Raspberry with old fashioned titles is enough to recreate the gaming golden era.

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8BIT Electronic Trap Videogame

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