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GHOSTEMANE Creepy Dark Hardcore

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GHOSTEMANE - Dibbuk Instrumental (Creepy, Dark, Hardcore, Trap Beat)

This GHOSTEMANE Type Beat is one of the darkest trap beats you'll ever heard. Its name Dibbuk has a close relation with something... Bad. Check the description below to find out what's that bad thing inside that Dark Trap Instrumental...

About this GHOSTEMANE Type Beat

That GHOSTEMANE dude is a crack. He's used to produce his own beats and instrumentals for the songs he make, and that's good for us the listeners. Nobody except the artist itself can imagine the beat that could fit better in his lyrics. As an artist you can be assisted by your trusted producer, but the fact of making your own beats could en up in what I call the artist / producer symbiosis. That's what happen when you're both, the rapper and the producer. And the result is somekind weird but definitely more recognizable easily since you have your own sound. GHOSTEMANE is one of those artists, he's been influenced by death metal, horrorcore and hardcore punk so that's why he looks more like a metal singe instead of like a rapper. But that's not bad, he has his own style. Which brings him a uninque style.

GHOSTEMANE is used to spit over GHOSTEMANE Type Beats, and that could sound weird but it's the truth. GHOSTEMANE beats are trap beats, but with a very very dark mood in the whole instrumental. They usually have also distorted 808s and basslines, weird a*s lead melodies and a creepy horrorcore sound that's easily recognizable. That kind of GHOSTEMANE beats and instrumentals are really hard to recreate and produce, I mean I'm used to play with that kind of moods and sound, but for someone that's more into a regular trap sound design could be really hard since the mood is completely different. But anyway listen to this GHOSTEMANE Type Beat and let me know what you think in the comments section!

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Creepy Dark Hardcore Trap

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