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Nintendo 8BIT Dark Trap

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Nintendo - Ghost Town Instrumental (8BIT, Dark, Trap, Videogame Beat)

You may be familiar with that Nintendo ghosty sound, but what if we add edmtrap elements? That ghosty dark instrumental is almost perfect!

About this Nintendo Type Beat

I was used to play a lot of videogames when I was a kiddo, maybe I'd have been a ratkit if I were born 10 years ago, I don't know lol. Anyway I still need to make sure that you like that usual 8BIT / 16BIT OST ghosty sound of all those Nintendo games. If you got birth in the nineties then I'm sure you're familiar with it. That tetric mood from the castles and the ghosts that appeared on there was dope at that moment. It's unreal how easy was to impress a whole generation with just a bunch of pixels and a appropiate OST.

Nowadays games are dope in graphics, in textures, in FPS, but they miss the point of what a videogame is supposed to be. Nowadays games don't inspire the kids. Nowadays games just keep "our" kids occuped doing something, but they don't inspire them anymore, they don't make them dream or even imagine the whole story. It's sad how that gaming industry ended up being a golddigger. Their slogan should be "the more money we make, the better". It seems they aren't focused in the quality anymore, they're focused in the stats and the graphics. With that said... Go get that shiny Fortnite skin for $20 bucks :\

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8BIT Dark Trap Videogame

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