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Guitar Chill Latin Smooth

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Guitar - Bullseye Instrumental (Chill, Latin, Smooth, Trap Beat)

So you looking for the best trap instrumental with a guitar as a main instrument? If you'd like to get that guitar trap beat then click here!

About this Guitar Type Beat

Guitars are one of the most popular music elements in the trap music scene now. Yes, that's what I said, a lot of artists such as XXXTentacion, Lil Peep, Lil Skies and a bunch more popularized that kind of beats. These trap guitar beats are common now, and they always use a guitar as a main melody line, surrounded by hard 808 basses and and a well structured trap beat pattern. The most important thing it hose beats if you want to get them sounding properly is to get them well mixed and mastered, so if you like how it sounds we've got you covered.

Lil Peep (rest in peace) created a lot of songs with that kind of beats, often with distorted 808s and punchy kicks. Awful Things from Peep and Lil Tracy is a great example of the kind of beats I'm talking about. With chords that are commonly used in american punk-rock songs. The merge of both genres sounds really great and created a whole new wave of artists running thru that kind of guitar chords over their instrumentals. Both genres sound pretty catchy together so I'm down for more songs in the same mood and chords.

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Chill Latin Smooth Trap

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