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GZA Classic Nineties Old School

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GZA - Slang Boy Instrumental (Classic, Nineties, Old School, Sampled Beat)

Come back to the awesome nineties with that awesome GZA Old School sounding instrumental. I'm sure you'll like the nineties sound merged with the 'eighteens' one, straight from the graveyard as I was used to say under another AKA.

About this GZA Type Beat

Imagine what could happen if you mix both instrumentals, the beat from 'Spark' and the beat from 'Third World', both beats from GZA's tracks. MAX. COMBO. but also if you add some new school production layers you end up in a banger that could even knock down your entire building (if not just turn up the volume tho). I'll assume that you already know who GZA is so I'm not sure if I should talk about him here.

Definitely I'll talk just about the instrumental, if you want to listen to GZA just go to YouTube and forget about those 128hihatspersecondtrapbeats for a while, for real. As far as I know he's still active so you can also take a look to his references as 'The Genius'. If you like what you hear there then I'm sure you'll love this GZA Old School Type Instrumental.

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Classic Nineties Old School Sampled

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