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Old School Instrumental Boombap Hip Hop Nineties

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Old School Instrumental - Bus Station Instrumental (Boombap, Hip Hop, Nineties, Old School, Rap Beat)

Listen and download to this amazing Old School instrumental. Pretty similar to the sound of the nineties but straight in 2020. Grab your free download!

About this Old School Instrumental Type Beat

The Old School Hip-Hop (also sometimes referred to only as "old school" or "old school") describes the first Hip-Hop to be expressed and the first Rap to be recorded and published. Some people may think that it's characterized by the simplest rapping techniques of the time and by a theme usually related to parties, but it's not. It is generally accepted that Old School Hip Jop or simply Old School ends around 1982 or even 1984 with the rise of "Run - D.M.C.", the first group of what is known as new school hip hop. However, some Hip Hop Old School stations cover the entire 1980s in general, sometimes going into the early 1990s.

With Afrika Bambaata the term Hip-Hop was used as a culture but it was not until 1986 with the Rapper KRS-ONE that the 9 elements were unified to form the culture. Old school beats are more often sampled than new school beats or even Trap beats. The flavour of the nineties is all around the whole instrumental and the whole tracks so grab the free download of this awesome nineties old school beat while it lasts.

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Boombap Hip Hop Nineties Old School

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