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House Electronic Experimental Happy

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House - IDGAF About Trends Instrumental (Electronic, Experimental, Happy, Trap Beat)

What's House music? And what about Trap? What if... Not, really, what if you merge them both styles in a single instrumental? Click here to listen this beat

About this House Type Beat

In this world there are matters that are unfathomable. Without a doubt, one of them is music, as old as the human being himself, from prehistoric times to the present days, the forms it has taken throughout the centuries have been multiple, probably innumerable. Given this context, it is very easy for two or more musical genres to present themselves as contrary or antagonistic. In recent decades there has been a debate in electronic music between House and techno. In fact, the web is full of web pages and videos that analyze both concepts and, depending on the authors' inclination for each one of them, discredit and mock one or the other. This time we've merged house music and trap music ending up in an awesome house-edm-electronic trap beat.

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Electronic Experimental Happy Trap

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