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Ill Bill Classic Hardcore Hip Hop

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Ill Bill - The Crowd Instrumental (Classic, Hardcore, Hip Hop, Videogame Beat)

Get back to the 2000s Hip Hop Music with this Ill Bill Hip Hop Type Beat. One of the best Ill Bill rap instrumentals I've ever made, period. This beat is one of the FMS beats so grab the free download before I change my mind!

About this Ill Bill Type Beat

Ill Bill is definitely one of my favorite rappers and lyricists from the Hardcore Rap scene. Its link with "La Coka Nostra" and almost the released tracks are all fire. I especially love a track which was produced by DJ Premier, its name's "Mind Your Business" and it has that nineties mood and sound from the Hip Hop Golden Era, from the samples to the Hip Hop drums and the scratches. It all sounds dope, the verses from Ill Bill and Slaine are really good. Coast to coast I got the dance! Drop that shit one time. I'm sure that you'll love this Rap Instrumental if you like the type of beats that are commonly used by La Coka Nostra and Ill Bill. So... Mind your business!

Althought a lot of people would think that making "Old School" beats I gotta say that's pretty hard nowadays when you want to give them an actual sound, as soon as you add a synth, a lead or whatever that doesn't appear usually in that kind of beats then the whole nineties mood of the beat has gone. That's why I particularly love to make beats with that 2000s sound. You don't have to add 2000 hi-hats per second and there's still room to play within the structure, the chorus and sounds that doesn't fit especially good in the trap music (the current trend) and old-school beats. It's like a mix, the evolution of the nineties and the pre-evolution of the Dirty South sound that ended up becoming the new Trap Wave.

So actually I'd say that this The Crowd beat is a 2000s Type Beat. You may don't agree with me with the Type Beats thing, but it's how everyone's looking for beats nowadays, that means if you don't properly tag your beats then nobody will find them. The easy times when SoundClick was the no. 1 reference to look for beats has gone. Now it doesn't matter how good you are or your position in the SoundClick Charts, the only thing that matters now is who do you think that could rap over your music... With that said, I refused to tag my music as Type Beats, but in the end I had to take over so if you a producer you better do it soon.

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Classic Hardcore Hip Hop Videogame

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