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Juice WRLD Sad Sampled Smooth

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Juice WRLD - The Grief Instrumental (Sad, Sampled, Smooth, Trap Beat)

If you're listening in loop Lucid Dreams by Juice WRLD then you'll love this dreaming type beat! One of the bests out there pretty similar to Lucid Dreams!

About this Juice WRLD Type Beat

We should feel lucky enough because this past March 8th Juice WRLD presented to the world 'A Deathrace For Love' and, the truth is, we can't have higher hype levels right now. We expect a lot from his work, especially after the problems he's had with his fans, who went so far as to want him to leave with his partner to return to that intoxicating sad style with emo music tints that made him ride the wave quickly.

It seems that this encounter made quite a dent in WRLD, which has decided to return to its glory days with 'Robbery', first preview of their new album. Robbery is WRLD's return to the real sadness. We had become used to seeing him rubbing tears with the greatest and devoting efforts to experiment with other kinds of styles that we had forgotten his most sentimental side. There's no doubt that this is where the Chicago guy feels at home, between screams of despair and heartbroken songs.

If you like sad songs, sad beats and you definitely have some great lyrics then this sad guitar trap type beat is the beat you're looking for. Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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Sad Sampled Smooth Trap

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