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Kawaii R&B Trap Trendy

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Kawaii - Breadstuff Instrumental (R&B, Trap, Trendy, Videogame Beat)

Click here to listen to this amazing Kawaii Trap Instrumental. If you like Kawaii drawings and anime stuff then you'll love this kawaii beat.

About this Kawaii Type Beat

Uhm... So you here because you know what does Kawaii mean? Or you here because you don't know what it does mean? Be that as it may, kawaii is something related to cute. Basically it does mean that something's "cute" in japanese. This is closely related with anime, manga and any type of japanese drawings all over the world. There's a lot of DIY and fandoms kawaii things out there, you can find kawaii music, kawaii handbags, rings... Whatever you can ever imagine it surely has a kawaii version. It's really appreciated between the asian girls and more often in anime fan girls.

But let's get into the important thing of this website, this Kawaii beat is awesome. Firstly because the main melodies doesn't contains any samples, the samples have been created by me from scratch so you shouldn't have problem with it. I tagged this beat as Kawaii because the main melody line, reminded me the original OST of an anime tv series. Remove the drum patterns and then you'll get what I'm talking about, it's all Kawaii.

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