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Lil Xan X Diplo Bass Music Electronic Grime

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Purity Control was exclusively sold

This beat is no longer available for any kind of licensing or purchase. Anyway, you may be interested in Dead Kings , which is a pretty similar beat.

Lil Xan X Diplo - Purity Control Instrumental (Bass Music, Electronic, Grime, Trap Beat)

What an amazing 808's stereo bassline. With extremely dope toms drop, just some major shit bro, enjoy this Lil Xan X Diplo like sh*t! If you driving a Lexus then... Don't text!

About this Lil Xan X Diplo Type Beat

If you've heard the music of the new Lexus commercial song then you will find this instrumental pretty familiar to the sound line, mood and sound design of the original track used by Lexus. Everytime I listen to the music of any Lexus commercial I get the usual feeling that any producer would have that's something like ''why I didn't make this track''? I mean it sounds like me! I'm used to do that kind of Lexus / Lil Xan X Diplo mood instrumentals like 24/7, why I didn't made this one?

Well, after some thoughts came up this instrumental in a obviously completely new song arranged in a different way but with the same mood. The drop and the drums that sound before the instrumental and verses to spit are amazing, spectacular, you just have to take a quick listen to this to realize this. Hope you like this Lil Xan X Diplo / Lexus Commercial lookalike instrumental and leave your thoughs below!

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Bass Music Electronic Grime Trap

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